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Starting the Adventure
Tue Aug 4 13:13:25 2015

Beginning a rice pudding marathon
My Favorite moments in Sherlock Series 3
Fri Jan 17 23:09:02 2014

My favorite scenes in Sherlock series 3, Jan 2014
Lydia in the 21st century
Mon Feb 4 22:10:23 2013

How LBD Lydia Bennet changes things for Lizzie 200yrs later
Darcy 2013 in crisis...Overprotective Chauvinist or Man on a mission?
Sat Feb 2 00:41:41 2013

Is LBD's Darcy wrong to shut out Georgiana and Lizzie when resolving the George Wickham situation?
How Long can it last?
Fri Feb 1 16:43:32 2013

My predictions on how much longer the LBD will last before the story arc closes
Darcy's back!
Thu Jan 10 18:50:43 2013

I am openly obsessed with LBD!
Going's a process of discovery
Thu Jan 19 08:41:23 2012

how usung natural products is changing my life for the better
Wed May 4 16:28:27 2011

I may not be the perfect mom, but I know it's coming along all right
Making til 2012
Fri Nov 5 15:36:46 2010

Biding our time without losing it all
God Moves
Sun Oct 24 22:26:02 2010

How life conspired to get me some new friends
Oil and Windows
Fri Jun 18 00:24:29 2010

We can't blame everything on BP
Tue Apr 27 09:22:48 2010

How I make my house seem cleaner
What I want
Thu Mar 11 22:00:42 2010

The things I want that Longview, TX just can't provide
Thu Feb 25 22:36:01 2010

I've got Birth Control
Alarmism pt 2
Wed Jan 27 16:50:49 2010

eating every 2.5hrs around the clock. she's gained 1.5oz in the last 2wks. the doctors are going to
Wed Jan 27 16:36:05 2010

When you experience something, suddenly - it's everywhere! when I was pregnant, it seemed like every
Fri Jan 8 22:05:04 2010

So, i don't do new year's resolutions. Mainly because if I do them, I forget them, and fail at them
Six years
Mon Dec 14 14:27:11 2009

Today marks 6 years since we camped out of a fold out bed mattress on the floor with no sheets toget
Keeping MFW
Sun Dec 13 22:56:49 2009

As a side note, I have not abandoned MFW and for 2 reasons. 1) I still ADORE their phonics program a
Charlotte Mason's Theories....Meh.
Sun Dec 13 22:50:54 2009

Looking beyond just the reading selections to the CM heart of AO, I have stumbled somewhat. All I kn
A Dream to Build a Homeschool Upon
Sun Dec 13 22:31:14 2009

Ambleside Online (AO) is a totally free, complete, Charlotte Mason curriculum from K-12. And it is m
Positive Desperation
Sun Dec 13 22:15:56 2009

To circumvent my Tapestry woes, I acknowledged an admonition from the creator of the curriculum that
A Love Affair: pt 2
Sun Dec 13 21:59:12 2009

I loved the support structure and the direct interface with the digital Tapestry of Grace to hundred
Changes Just Because
Sat Dec 12 22:50:11 2009

So, 4 months ago, I started doing Elizabeth George's Woman after God's own heart bible study series.
A Love Affair: Tapestry of Grace
Sun Nov 29 23:36:05 2009

Since delving into Classical education, I had yet to discover a curriculum for me. Most "Complete" c
Choosing Math Curriculum pt. 2
Sun Nov 29 12:35:47 2009

Enter Life of Fred. Written by a Christian math professor, and covering decimals/fractions/percents
Choosing Math Curriculum
Sun Nov 29 12:29:17 2009

Dh is a product of Saxon math. He is a huge fan of their spiral approach. I get that. At the same ti
Memoria Press rabbit hole: juice
Sat Nov 28 23:26:40 2009

I discovered Memoria Press through CCH's latin suggestions. I was drawn to them above all others fo
Homeschool Philosophy pt 2b
Sat Nov 28 21:00:55 2009

This search of just what classical homeschooling meant took me to many curriculum websites, veritas
Homeschool Philosophy pt 2a
Wed Nov 25 22:21:34 2009

overarching philosophy. Some philosophies can be blended, some can be integrated and some are decept
Philosophy of Homeschooling pt. 2
Wed Nov 25 22:01:06 2009

For myself, I quickly determined that anything on the delight-directed side of the spectrum held no
Philosophy of Homeschooling
Wed Nov 25 18:53:52 2009

When I began my research into homeschooling, I quickly discovered that the 20th century homeschoolin
Where it started
Wed Nov 25 18:14:44 2009

So, I've been wanting to start blagging about my homeschooling thoughts so that I have the somewhere
Diaper Thesis
Sun Nov 15 20:15:25 2009

Jennifer, I have spent more hours and days than I'd care to admit researching cloth diapering. Ther
You can be good without God
Fri Oct 16 21:46:06 2009

So, I read this article about the atheist bus campaignin Bloomington, IN.
I have a 2yr old
Fri Oct 16 17:09:34 2009

well, I woke up this morning and am still waiting for it to sink toddler is 2. he walk, tal
Ian's birth story
Tue Aug 11 12:38:20 2009

August 9th, 2009, 5:30am/I woke and was laying still, then realized my waters were about to break. K
Serious Progress
Wed Jun 25 09:37:13 2008

Well, just so I have it written down somewhere; Xan smiled at 2 months, sat up alone at 5 monthes, c