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(Tue Aug 4 13:13:25 2015)

Beginning a rice pudding marathon

So, I generally love food.  I mean, who doesn't?  And who doesn't love a challenge?  What about an international challenge comparing a commonly adored dish across the globe? Well, we're not exactly going all over the globe, but Jenny and I are interested in the comparison.  Jenny also has a general bias in terms of dessert: it must contain chocolate.  There are few exceptions to this rule, but the generality is, "If it doesn't contain chocolate, why would I waste me time eating it?"  I happened upon the marvelous discovery that Rice pudding is an exception to this rule, and pounced upon it with zeal.  I suggested we see how many different types of rice pudding distinctions we could find, make and compare them.

With the aid of Pinterest, I found about two dozen varieties of rice pudding from all over the globe: Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North and South America.  The universality of rice makes the likewise profundity of rice pudding recipes unremarkable in existence, but quite remarkable in variation!  Black glutinous rice, Pandan leaves, egg, lemon, maple, maraschino cherries, nuts,  rum,  and saffron pepper the field.  The ingredients are so exciting that we were quite enthusiastic to begin.

We began with something simple, with easily manageable ingredients, as a sort of baseline.  Arroz con Leche (Rice Pudding) a Latin American version with no particular location, seemed to fit the bill to us.  The sound of Rum, cinnamon and Orange peel was simple enough but offered enough kick to avoid being boring.  This was particularly important to K.I.S.S. because neither of us had ever actually made rice pudding before. :-O

We went a bit overboard on the cinnamon.  Of course, we don't think so.  But, I also have a special order species of cinnamon with a higher concentration of oil, because I have a particular adoration for the stuff.  We also opted to use dried orange peel instead of fresh orange rind.  As opposed to soaking the raisins in the rum, this recipe just said, 'dump it in!' So, we did.  

It came together surprisingly well and easily in our handy-dandy double bottomed stockpot.  It was done before the suggested time, but this was no cause for complaint.  The only problem we saw?  It simple begged for more cinnamon.  So.....we dusted each bowl.

Om nom.  

The results were satisfying, but not anything spectacular.  The most notable downside to the cinnamon love?  I'll be durned if we could taste either the rum or the orange rind....which was rather sad.  But, it was perfectly creamy, with raisins fit to burst, and just the right sweetness with white and brown sugar.  

I think our next version will involve more things like evaporated and sweetened condensed milk, which is more "normal." not sure where we are heading next, but this was a good, solid start to what will probably take a year to finish testing.  Stay tuned for the next rice pudding adventure! :-)

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