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My Favorite moments in Sherlock Series 3

(Fri Jan 17 23:09:02 2014)

My favorite scenes in Sherlock series 3, Jan 2014

I am desperately in love with Sherlock.  I have devoured all (3!?!) the episodes, and devoured them all again, at least twice over, nevermind rewatching the critical bits.  Before going into my favorite scenes in Sherlock, I'd just like to ask, are there a disproportionate number of blue or green eyed individuals as leads to this show, or is it just me who is distracted by it?  John, Sherlock, Mary, Mycroft... most of the time I see eyes they are distractingly and enticingly light.  Ok.  Molly Hooper's eyes are brown, but she isn't exactly a lead character, is she?

From "The Empty Hearse,"  I went for emotive as the scene that most stood out to me.  The Guy Fawkes bonfire rescue makes me cry every time I watch it.  The music, the tension, the fear, the desperation.  Of course, we find out in "The Final Vow" that Magnussen had people standing by at the bonfire and would never have actually let John burn.....maybe....  Meanwhile, this episode is very clearly written by Mark Gatiss.  His writing always seems to be more introspective.  Not softer in the plot, but softer in character motivation.  Moffat uses emotion also, and uses it well, but his writing is more cerebral and sharper focused.  From the first scene in which Holmes is talking to Mycroft, there is an almost obsessive persistence to see and hear about John.  It's almost pathetic, and you can see in Mycroft's  pity for his attachment.  I don't blame Sherlock.  The man had to spend 2 years in virtual isolation, terribly focused on Moriarty's henchmen, with no contact with home, and all the while having lied to his best friend, causing him incalculable suffering.  I honestly think his flippant manner of approaching John to "reappear" was done in such a way as to conceal his true feelings.  He played a role, he babbled, he stuttered, and then proceeded to be horribly insensitive - all because of the glimpse he saw in John's eyes of betrayal, pain and suffering that were entirely his fault.  If he had allowed himself a real emotion, it would have been cripplingly real.  And there was enough crippling emotion rolling off of John at that moment to supply them both.  I adored the repressive groaning John did in the reappearance scene, btw.  Initially, I was upset that Watson didn't faint, as he did in the stories, but in the end, I think Freeman's tortured groans and failed efforts at control were sufficient.

Back to the favorite scene again.  When Sherlock realized that John was in the Guy bonfire, all he could say was, "Oh my God..." The music was utterly epic in this one minute scene.  It built to an absolute frenzy from that second forward that twisted my insides into knots.  Watching Sherlock abandon the motorbike, plow through the crowd and plunge, without hesitation, into a roiling bonfire was breathtaking.  All I could think as I saw him ripping away the packing crates was that Sherlock would and does walk through fire for this man.  If John EVER doubted that Sherlock was selfish in keeping him in the dark about the disappearance ruse, he could certainly NEVER doubt that Sherlock truly, truly believed he did it for both of their best interests.   

Let's be honest: Sherlock is the most selfish selfless person I've ever seen.  He ostensibly disregards everyone and everything that gets in his way with little to no regard for their rights, privileges, or feelings.  The truth is, he can see so effortlessly at the real heart of a person, that all the niceties of society are just a pointless window-dressing that he sweeps away.  It's obvious to any who know and care for him that he's not only completely aware of their inmost self, but that if he expends any effort to respond to those open hearts, he risks growing to care, and then, exposing his heart in return.  So, he hides behind the bluff, to selfishly protect himself from getting hurt.  But, when the final decision has to be made, Sherlock ALWAYS guides with his heart.  He truly does run full throttle on emotions.  It's as though the rest of his life is wasted in a heartless facade, withering away for the adrenaline charged moments of reality, when he REALLY feels, and truly acts for others, and not at all for himself.  I suppose if he always rode on those emotions, he'd be such a milksop for caving to other people's desires over his own, that he'd never take a step out of line, for fear of upsetting someone.  So, his selfish selfless act is really the best balancing act between total sociopath and milksop, and it makes his character doubly endearing.  

Moving on to "The Sign of Three:" my favorite scene was the split scene regarding how John asked Sherlock to be his best man, and Sherlock realized he was his best friend.  Every second starting with, "Sometimes it's SOOO hard not smoking!" until, "And how was <that?>" "Surprisingly ok." BLOOP.... was so utterly amazing.  There is a human eyeball floating in a cup of tea (green eyes, btw), a maniacal offer of  "tea?" with said eyeball, and a game of utter confusion with Sherlock not understanding that HE is John's best friend.  The staring with the voiceover is brilliant and when Sherlock tries to be casual by unwittingly sipping the eyeball tea, with a predictably brilliant appearance of said eyeball....I nearly died laughing.

 Again - feelings.  Gosh - you'd think I love them or something, huh?  Well, I have a particular proclivity for the repressed British type.  Probably because I have always aspired to that same tamping down of feelings except for when they count.  I do it poorly, so seeing it done perfectly is a real joy.  You'd think I would learn how to better emulate them....??? Sigh. 

Moving right along to my favorite part, not scene, but part of "The Final Vow:"  Molly Hooper.  No, seriously, I mean every bit involving her character in this episode.  Relative to anything else, it's miniscule.  But what she does and what she is seems HUGE to me.  Disclaimer:  I'm a huge Sherlolly shipper.  Despite it not being true to ACD stories for Sherlock to have any love interest....since it was established in the first paragraph of the first mystery that "All emotions, and that one particularly, were abhorrent to his cold, precise but admirably balanced mind," I'm so enamored of the characters and their remarkable growth that I can see the strange place Sherlock has evidently carved out in his heart and mind for Molly with joy.  For indeed, she is present to both.

 We might have been able to question her significance to Sherlock before this season.  Even in "The Reichenbach Fall" when she asked, "What do you need?" and he said, "You" it could have been written off as either another manipulation of her obvious affections for him or as a factual statement of his need for her help in his escape.  But, after their conversation in "The Empty Hearse" when he clearly states that she was the person who "mattered the most" and he was quite at a loss to wish her joy of her engagement, it was evident that she was significant.  It seems that the Sherlock who returned from the "dead" is a fellow who cherishes people more dearly, and trifles with them less.  Not that he isn't still quite a git, but you can see the maturity of feeling in him, not just a uncaring facade.  It's not that the facade is cracked, it's that he realized, being alone and apart, and indeed quite dead to anyone who mattered to him, that he NEEDS those people.  And it's evident that somehow, he knows he needs Molly.

In the scene where he gets tested for drug use and comes up positive, I was positively jumping for joy when Molly slapped him...THRICE!  Mousy little Molly, pining in corners be damned ye!  In place of the woman who'd despaired of Sherlock's returning affection, indeed of his returning at all, now stands a woman who has bitterly borne pain and regret to the end of her endurance.  She is no longer lying to herself that she has "moved on."   Instead of flustered stuttering, she rages to him for his disregard for his mind and his friends.  Ok, yeah, she's taking out on him her anger about losing Tom, but it was evident that she knew that Tom was just a poor substitute for the real thing.  I figure that was a good use of her anger, and frankly, a good side of herself to show Sherlock if she ever wishes to gain his enduring attention.

The other time when Molly is present....the minds Sherlock is dying.  Ok, yes, there were other voices in his head: Mycroft, Anderson, and Moriarty.  Each served a purpose.  Mycroft was the critical part of himself.  Moriarty was the rending and raw emotions.  Anderson kinda there being a fanboy in the mind palace?  And of course, Red Beard!  After repeated intimations, we meet sweet Red Beard....his calming comfort.  But Back to Molly and her role.  Considering the general fear Sherlock has of his own emotions, it only makes sense that Molly would NOT be his calming influence.  He hasn't really even tried to process what he is thinking and feeling for Molly.  But, at the moment paralyzing, shocking fear, in the face of death - who appeared to guide him calmly through the steps and help lead his, admittedly few, decisions?  Molly.  She was a reason, sanity, trust.  

She didn't comfort him, she didn't belittle him.  Molly was EXACTLY what he needed, when he needed it.  That is what Molly has always been for Sherlock - always present when he needs her, and ready to do anything for him that he needs.  Not to do what he wants or what she wants, but what he needs.  He NEEDS Molly, and he hasn't even attempted to face that yet.  I simply cannot wait for him to face that reality and to grapple with it in the open.  I highly doubt it will be a simple matter of a snog.  This is Sherlock Holmes, after all, ladies and gentleman.  His head and heart aren't turned by the physical or the messy emotive side of any situation, but by the core of their humanity.  Molly's core is soft as a rose petal, hard as steel, and not given to fancy.  While her exterior and her heart are more expressive and compassionate than his, their essence is the same.  Who will press the advantage, in the end?  I dearly hope that sweet little Molly swallows her proper feeling and shows as much passion to love him as she does to upbraid him.  Nail the poser to a wall, girlfriend!   ahem....excuse me.

I am already dying for season 4.  I'm confused as to how Mary will fit in....with a baby.  I'm intrigued by the seed planted by Sherlock that Mycroft is lonely.  I'm interested in Molly and Sherlock's tightly choreographed dancing around reality.  And of course, the obvious stuff - who's freaking everyone out with Moriarty's photo?  BTW - was Sherlock crying on the plane when Mycroft called??  

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