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Dirty Dishes in the Sink

(Sun May 26 15:31:21 2013)

Why do people think it's ok??

Ok - WHY do people put dirty dishes in the sink??  It is DISGUSTING.  Maybe it's just a hold-over from microbiology class, but there is nothing more disgusting to me that moisture.  Plain and simple.  Moisture breeds nastiness.  Whether it's a moist towel crumpled on the floor, moist but not dry laundry, humid air, mildew,   a spill on the floor, wet lumber, a sponge, a washcloth, decorative rocks in a bathroom sink or dirty dishes in the kitchen sink - it is all revoltingly repellent to me.  

But sinks are the worst.  I see people leave sponges or cloths in the sink.  Then they wash their hands, pour out drinks and all manner of things on TOP of the sponges and cloths.  ewwwww.  Washing your hands after using the restroom - you have all manner of bacterial nastiness on your hands. And then, after washing the E. coli onto the sponge, you proceed to "wash" your dishes with said sponge??  ugh.  You're rubbing poo on your plates, people.  Dawn isn't a full-spectrum anti-bacterial soap.  It doesn't kill everything.  And if you let the sponge percolate in the sink all day - moist, pressed against a solid surface that won't let it dry, it's like keeping a petri dish in your sink and then "cleaning" with a bacterial culture.  The smell means stuff is growing on it.  Stuff that needs to die BEFORE you try to eat.

Then there's dishes.  I understand rinsing dishes in the sink before setting them to wait to load in the dishwasher, or to be hand-washed.  But, rinsing the dishes, then setting them back in the sink is a horrid practice.  Set them ASIDE so they can DRY.  Germs can't live without WET.  Let the dishes dry, or wash them right away.  But for the love of all that is dear, don't set dirty, rinsed dishes in a sink with live culture of sponge nastiness, food paraphernalia that breeds a different variety of repellent and then wash your pooed on hands on top of it all and expect me to be pleased to come anywhere near your sink, or eat from your hand-washed dishes.  

Rinse, then set on the counter or directly into the washer.  Keep the sponges and cloths and random bacteria out of my sink - PLEASE.  Sinks are for WASHING they are not a purgatory for dishes.  Ugh.  Please just set my dishes, my sponges, and my cloths on the the counter.  Is it so much to ask?

(I'm probably negatively influenced by the huge number of people who have been staying for extended periods of time at my house what with the painting going on - but I swear every time I walk into the room, there's some grody, dripping THING in my sink and it's driving me BONKERS!)

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