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Lydia in the 21st century

(Mon Feb 4 22:10:23 2013)

How LBD Lydia Bennet changes things for Lizzie 200yrs later

I have read/watched/heard a lot of stuff online, with people taking the Lizzie Bennet Diaries WAAAAAY too seriously (I'm obsessed, but I don't treat it as real), about the relationship between Lizzie and Lydia.  Quite frankly, it really gets me pretty irate because, in terms of who the characters are, what they came from, and how they are developed, there aren't a whole lot of character personality choices out there.

In Pride and Prejudice, if you are not a main character, you are a cariciture.  This goes for, in varying levels, every character aside from Lizzy and Darcy.  If you aren't a blatant cariciture, you're a stereotype, and in some cases, you're both.  Mrs. Bennet is a prime example.  I doubt many REAL Regency landed gentry were so singularairheaded and eligibility obsessed. At least, I doubt they had quite so many fits over it.  Mrs. Bennet takes the real mother of marginally fortunate children, with an earnest desire to see the bettered, anddraws it to every extreme.  Mr. Collin is a caricature of the period clergyman wholly cowtowed by the rich and influential, hoping for a morsel of recognition, money or advantage to fall his way.  Austen painted stark pictures of the realities of the skewed priorities held by all men and women.  The PICTURE was accurate, but the characters themselves?  If I ever met a real life Charlotte who married an idiot to ensure her comfort, a ruthlessly fortune-hunting Caroline, an obseqious parasite like Mr. Collins, or a drama-queen for bedlam Mrs. Bennet, I'd know that reality as we know it was in peril.  While facets of those characters are applicable to many, each was placed to make a point.  Practicality can buy you comfort, but not happiness. Vanity is shallow and displeasing.  Brown-nosers are selfish.  Nobody likes someone who can't control themselves. 

So, as I say, all these characters are underdeveloped, intentionally, to serve specific purposes.  Lydia is present to provide enough reason for Lizzie to come away from Pemberley by means of being her sister, and shows what spoilt ignorance

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