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Darcy 2013 in crisis...Overprotective Chauvinist or Man on a mission?

(Sat Feb 2 00:41:41 2013)

Is LBD's Darcy wrong to shut out Georgiana and Lizzie when resolving the George Wickham situation?

All right folks.  After Gigi's Pemberley Digital Domino video today, I've seen many a person, and even, in an emotional moment, myself as well, regard William Darcy's dismissiveness toward Gigi's desire to help as a bit....harsh.  But, after watching the vid another couple of times (come on, it's only 2 minutes long), I've formed the conclusion that not only is Darcy doing the RIGHT thing by keeping Georgiana out of this situation, he's doing the ONLY thing possible that could resolve matters.

It certainly does seem a bit chauvinistic to imply that Gigi isn't strong enough to handle facing Wickham again.  And his forceful dismissive attitude, even going so far as to hang up on her, seems controlling.  This is all very hard for the 21st century woman to swallow.  But, his motives are true, and he isn't repressing Georgiana.  This isn't protecting Gigi so much as it is protecting himself.

Let's look back at events.  Darcy opened himself up again to Lizzie this week in hopes that maybe she won't stomp all over his heart, only to have his vulnerability inadvertently trampled upon by what now amounts to his mortal enemy.  Wickham nearly ruined the reputation and life of his only earthly relative, and now, when he is bearing his soul to his "unrequited" true love, this same enemy storms into her life and rips it open.  

Darcy says, "Lizzie, it isn't your fault."  Her response was, "Then whose fault is it?"  He is not a very well spoken individual in matters of personal concern, so it would have been not only ill-timed, but impossible for him to explain that it is his fault.  Now while the clearest perspective is that George Wickham's evils are George Wickham's fault, Darcy is the only person who can stop George and he hasn't, which makes it's Darcy's fault.  In the book, Darcy has known since Cambridge (about 17) that George Wickham's habits were as "dissolute as his manners were engaging."  Then, Darcy didn't tell about Wickham's faults because they hurt no one but himself.  When Wickham wasted all the money, Darcy didn't tell because it hurt no one but Darcy and his pocketbook.  Darcy told Wickham to clear off.  Logical.  When Wickham hurt his little sister, he didn't tell anyone because he didn't want the reputation and future of his dearest relative to be thrown into peril.  But now, with Lydia's reputation directly being disgraced, he realizes that his pride and mistaken reserve that seemed so reasonable for the past decade, are now hurting even more people - principally his true love.  

At this point, Wickham is SO out of hand, there is no one in a position to stop him except Darcy.  It is no longer a matter of looking the other way, sneering quietly over a waste, or paying the rake off.  This is public whether he wants it or not, and the reasons he was concealing Wickham's character: the reputation of himself, his sister, his company and his family name, are at stake if he doesn't act.  It would be morally wrong for him to sit this out even if he didn't have a media empire.  But, Darcy knows Wickham's game, knows his tactics and his weaknesses and is able, due his class and connections, to stop him in ways that the Bennets never could.  

Now, Darcy realized this the moment Lizzie explained what had happened and she asked him "Then, whose fault is it?"  He realized it was his fault and his to resolve.  So, he decided his course right there - fix it so that it NEVER happens to anyone else.  And when he did that, he had to close down all avenues of emotion.  If he doesn't play this right, his sister's past with Wickham could get exposed and ruin her future, Lizzie's family could be utterly ruined, Wickham could get away with sexual deviancy and walk away to do it again, and again.  

He immediately sent Lizzie home.  This is exactly what she wanted, but he also knew that if he did it, he would KNOW she was safe.  He had to take that vulnerable, longing, lovesick jumble of emotions and protect it.  He spoke forcefully and vaguely to Gigi and left without a word from San Fransisco.  He had to keep the open, beautiful, caring, protective, family part of himself safe.  Only in taking the vulnerabilities out of the equation is he able to face, with equanimity and composure, the task at hand.  

If Gigi were part of this situation, her less focused, more spontaneous and emotional side would cause her to not only confront Wickham, but inform Lizzie of Darcy's involvement.  I do not doubt that Gigi is emotionally strong enough to stand up to Wickham.  But, if Lizzie were to know of what Darcy was doing, particularly at this emotional time, she would NOT be able to see that what he is attempting is to correct the gravest error in judgment that he has ever committed as a result of his now humbled pride.  She would question him, confront him, also go after Wickham, and team up with Gigi.  I honestly don't think Darcy could handle having the woman he loves more than life itself accusing him, in her own independent pride and spirit,  of his motives, when the motives not only save her family from financial and personal ruin, but absolve his deepest sin by her own account.  I think it would crush him, and he knows it.  Especially because he does not have any assurance of her regard, yet he had just come to open his wounded heart to her again.  He is emotionally too fragile to take a lashing from Lizzie.  

And Gigi.  I don't think he could handle her being anywhere near a man who has hurt her, if she were there.  Darcy is not a violent man, but he might just lose control and do something to protect Gigi that would compromise his company and reputation far more greatly than a whispered scandal about a porn cover-up.  He won't allow her to confront him, because, again, he is too emotionally vested in his sister's well-being to be able to separate the proper course of action from the manipulative red flags if she were present.  

He is a man.  He can only take so much.  He can't be expected to divide his feelings into 4 different directions: protectiveness, devotion, hatred and moral high ground.  I think only a man could effectively divide these fragile and distracting emotions from the moral course of action.  We women, even in the 21st century, are still emotive creatures.  Faced with those circumstances, a wise woman would protect the heart from the devil as well.  He is wise to focus his mind on the most effective course and pursue it with virulence so that later, he can give heed to the emotional vulnerabilities of devoted longing and his light-hearted, hard kept and greatly coveted family sensibilities.  

So, I say that William Darcy is the noblest of creatures; correcting a fault in himself, using his influence for the betterment of society with disregard of class, and protecting in himself the parts of him that are beautiful and valuable - love and commitment.  He is utterly committed to any cause he undertakes, giving himself fully to it once decided.  He is fully decided to: protect Georgiana, save the Bennets, rid the world of George's influence, reform his character, and convince the most enchanting, confusing and mesmerizing creature in his world that he loves her more than pride, position, influence, reputation, and life itself.  He has no other course than this.

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