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How Long can it last?

(Fri Feb 1 16:43:32 2013)

My predictions on how much longer the LBD will last before the story arc closes

Ok, so now that episode 84 happened (1-31-13) and the final story arc is in motion, the very sad but inevitable question comes to mind: how many more episodes until it's all over? :-(  I like to plan things out - so I'm going to list out my predictions here:

Episode 85, which Lizzie tweeted that she recorded on 1-31-13 probably will just be the reeling experience of being home, her parent's reactions and maybe wondering where Lydia is (though she may not have left home - we don't know yet)  so that takes care of 2-4-13

Episode 86 will probably be after Charlotte and Jane are able to get home this weekend, so it will deal with their emotions about leaving Lydia adrift.  there's 2-7-13.

Episode 87 will detail the growing enormity of the problem of shutting down the website, some serious Wickham bashing, etc.  and how it is impossible, with their resources, to handle it legally. 2-11-13

Episode 88 will probably be amazement that the website got closed before Valentine's Day, thinking that their dad, or some other benefactor enabled it to happen.  They may make up with Lydia here, or may postpone it by an episode.  We, viewers of Penberley Digital's Domino app will know the inside story betwixt Gigi, Fitz, and a begrudging Darcy, what REALLY goes down.  2-14-13

Episode 89 will see Lizzie discussing what to do post-leaving her internship in the middle.  We may have Lydia's confession about Darcy here. 2-18-13

Episode 90 should deal with Bing and Darcy coming back to Netherfield, unexpectedly, presumably with a hesitant Jane, and a shocked and deer in the headlights Lizzie at the prospect of seeing Darcy again. 2-21-13

Episode 91 may show some Bing action, and explaining how Darcy showed him, or walked him through some of the videos (particularly "Snickerdoodles" - ep 48, and Lydia's "The High Life" - ep 14) to convince him and infuriate him and bring him back to Jane. 2-25-13

Episode 92 may show the progression of "Jing" from afar, and may perhaps have Darcy asking if she's planning on coming back to Pemberley to finish her shadowing. 2-28-13

Episode 93 will probably be about where Ms. Catherine de Bourgh comes in.  This will be strategically while Darcy is back in SF, perhaps clearing some things at Pemberley and with Dr. Gardiner about the circumstances that would enable her to graduate without wasting another semester.  It should be....really enjoyable to watch. bwahaha!  3-4-13

Episode 94 should be Lizzie and either Charlotte or one of her sisters (wouldn't it be interesting if it were Lydia) discussing the fallout from Catherine's visit.  What that means to Charlotte, what Jane or Lydia thinks of her confused feelings for Darcy. 3-7-13

Episode 95 is probably where the man himself comes in, and he is inadvertently forced to confess his dealings in the Lydia/Wickham affair, gets a bit worked up, and asks her if she still hates him.  I see some kissing happening here, just saying! 3-11-13

Episode 96 would then be Jane/Lydia/Charlotte's response to Dizzie dating and tying up some loose ends. 3-14-13

Episode 97 will probably see the 21st century version of a reenactment of Darcy talking to Mr. Bennet and Lizzie's response. 3-18-13

Episode 98 may find Lizzie back at Pemberley, with Gigi uber-thrilled with the Dizzie resolution.  Perhaps some reflections on how she felt about Wickham attempting to ruin some other girl's life.  May also feature Fitz to congratulate/welcome Lizzie back. 3-21-13

Episode 99 will probably tie things up with a bow pretty nicely, with an almost effusive (for William Darcy) Dizzie, good news on the Jing front, and a happy conclusion to the series.  3-25-13

They, of course, may make this go shorter.  I could see it compressed into as few as 96 episodes.  But, LBD seems to make a habit of drawing things out, which will never hear an objection from me!  Just to make it an even 100 episodes we may even see an episode where Lydia hijacks the camera and "responds" to George Wickham, Ricky consoles the Bennets and disapproves of Dizzie, or Darcy steps in on his own in an unprecedented solo.  100 really sounds like a good number, and wouldn't draw the series out past the end of March, which Bernie Su confirmed to be the breakpoint.  

I also am wondering, because Bernie Su mentioned in his Reddit interview that the LBD characters may befriend the characters of his next series - which presumes a next series (he said he hopes to announce it at the end of the final LBD!!!) who will show up in a crossover way as friends to the next series characters.  Personally, I'm hopeful that it will be the Pemberley crew and that the next series will be using Domino as their interface for vlog uploads.  This would mean that costume theater wouldn't need to be repeated (because it's a Lizzie thing), and that the actors need not be in the room with the Vlogger.

Jane Austen did reuse character names in her novels.  It would be great if Emma or someone of the like were college/tennis friends with Gigi.  Then, we might get updates in a roundabout way about Dizzie and Jing.  I'm obviously a romantic, but Bernie did hint that they were looking for ways for us to view the epilogue of LBD.  

Well, TTFN!  And enjoy the roundup and roundout of LBD, my darling fellow P&P fans!

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