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Darcy's back!

(Thu Jan 10 18:50:43 2013)

I am openly obsessed with LBD!

I never had to read P&P in school. How my all-girls, college prep school education was so negligent, I'll never know!  However, I decided to read it at 25 and was swept away.  I thought I loved Lizzie, and really, I do, but I realized I RELATE to Darcy.  this was a recent revelation, and suddenly, my marriage took on a new light; no wonder I didn't want my husband to BE Darcy (aside from obtaining a longcoat identical to Colin Firth's), because I was the Darcy: proud, arrogant, haughty.  My husband is my Lizzie; congenial, able to  mix in any society, loyal, and given over to strong prejudice on certain topics.  So, great. I'm the tall, dark and handsome, and my husband is the one with pert opinions and fine eyes.  I swear that over-analyzing that could give me a psychosis.  

Moving on, however, to my obsessive relationship with P&P.  My husband actually banned the 1995 miniseries for over a year, because my personality was so affected.  Let me say this: my husband greatly DISLIKES Austen and favorites. He, being able to naturally overlook class and race barriers, despises the worlds portrayed in which those elements of society are the bulk of the plot.  So, he indulges me, to an extent, on these topics, but no more.

Me?  I do NOTHING by halves.  I don't take on any project, hobby, passion, interest, etc., and then set it aside.  If I am involved in Doctor Who - I get the t-shirt, own a sonic screwdriver, watch the old shows, watch shorts, watch other works by those actors, read stories and the DW wikia.  Oh, and of course, I obsess over the TV show phenomenon. I just do ALL of it.  So, when it comes to Pride and Prejudice....I read it, watch it, quote it, think like the characters, own puzzles and stationary with pithy sayings from it, read fanfiction, daydream about it and generally get lost in Austen (pun intended).  When Lizzie Bennet Diaries started on Youtube, I cottoned on around episode 7, and was swept away.  I've never read modern adaptations and Fanfictions of Lizzie/Darcy, because due to the class elements, it's really hard to make it believable, let alone engaging and realistic, in the 21st century.  But LBD does it SO well.  Now, I was really excited about LBD, but somewhere around episode 50, when the plot got interesting, I started to go beyond excited.  And when D Day hit (Darcy day on episode 60), I move to full on obsession.  I re-read the novel, watched the  miniseries in entirety at least 1x/wk, and hit the fanfiction HARD.  

And now, we are AT Pemberly....Digital.  This is, admittedly, my favorite part of the book.  There is so much tension in the book - on both sides.  So much at stake, so much unspoken, so much in the hands of the other person, that it is simply riveting.  Seeing it acted out....every glance, every stutter, every touch is borne of the artful words of Austen; it simply jumps off the page and onto Youtube!  So, yes, episode 78 had me absolutely riveted.  Gigi did, admittedly, behave a bit crazily, and did also encapsulate all of fandom in her pushiness, but this is the 21st century.  As long as they can show her shy side at some point, I can't be too disappointed.

His black shirt and bright tie, his big, expressive eyebrows, the dark swept hair....did I mention the eyebrows?  I mean really, when he mentions the unforgiving nature of the hills in the city - the smirk and the arched brow were just perfect.  It's a good thing Lizzie was sitting.  And I'm sure you people all noticed her "mmhmmm" visual appraisal - up, down, up, sides - of Darcy at 3:50.  Not very subtle, Miss Lizzie.  Can't say as I blame her.  And the most awkward, Lizzie initiated physical contact EVER to say, "Thanks."  The tension between them was palpable.  I bet they both needed a tumble dry with a Bounce sheet to kill the electricity when it was all done.  

ok....backing away from my review/open girly squee.  I am so glad Darcy is back.  I hope to see a lot more of him.  I can't wait to see where this story twists and turns to follow this line to the finish.  I will forever be grateful for this adaptation and how amazingly it has transformed fandom and interest in P&P.  What an awesome job!


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