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(Fri Nov 5 15:36:46 2010)

Biding our time without losing it all

ok - I'm not going to recount thr 2010 election in it's entirety for you. But, here are my thoughts.

We (read Republicans) gained 63 house seats (at least, maybe more) which is a record in any election -EVER. This says SOMETHING, but no one can seem to agree on what that something is. Some say it was the people being mad at Obama and/or his policies, that it was solely due to the Tea Parties, that the Dems weren't listening, that the moderates and independents got disenchanted, or that the Republicans seemed to have it right.

I think it was some of them all, though maybe less that last one. Washington politics has flown so far left, if it were a bird, it would've fallen out of the sky. The way the RNC was running, you'd think we needed a new party with a motto of something like: "We don't like either side, but we aren't going to admit it" to either constiuents or opponents. I'm almost ashamed to be a member of the Republican party these days.

Growing up, I always thought "liberal" equated with Democrat and "conservative" with Republican. Of course, I also didnt know about being a fiscal conservative, a social moderate, or a progressive on foreign policy. shrug. Live and learn the lingo. I also have watched liberals run away from the term, because of bad connotations, and grasp "progressive" (what a bunch of BS! it means the same thing!). But, traditional Republicans, old-school, you might say, have, unlike liberals, actually shifted away from their principles.

I truly believe a Republican should represent conservatism. unlike the left, which has relabeled the same package, the right has jumped out of the box, but kept the label. A person who knew the meaning of Republican 20 years ago would be shocked at what it stands for today.

So, should it come as any surprise that this pissed people off? Just because liberal shifted left doesnt mean we should, too. This is NOT a tango, people! I think it's more like a couple's figure skate. Just because your partner has gone one direction doesnt mean you deviate from your course. The right deviated. Penalty. In response, we selected a new dance partner, one who knew the routine and wasn't going to just tag along. Welcome, Tea Party!

the RNC is ticked that the Tea Party won under the label of Republican. Make no mistake, here - what is in the House right now is not 2 parties, but 3. This is bad for getting anything accomplished, or reversing damage. there was only so much that could be done with only 1/3 of the senate up for re-election. we gained 5 or 6 seats, but it's a hard climb.

Now we have a couple of problems. We have to stop liberal policy. that will be manageable by simply stickingg to Boehner's "hell no!" policy. meanwhile, if a large percentage of the votes occurred because people are displeased with the lack of progress, not because they are mad about Obamacare and Porculus spending, then we may not make it until 2012. If, in the intervening period, the "republicans" are viewed as naysayers who dont want to get anything done, (since we cant with a divided legislature), then our fair-weather voter friends who picked "R" on the ballot slip because "D" wasnt getting 'er done, may get disgusted and vasilate back to "D" again before some more senate seats and the executive branch open up in 2012.

But, that's all we can do. Constantly remind the people how leftist policy is failing, and try to keep that sweeping failure swirling before their eyes for 2 more years. People have such a horrible memory in politics!

If we, real conservatives, who voted for those Tea Party "R's," can hold out and weather the storm until 2012, then we can capture the Senate from the moderate, old-school Republicans, get the presidency away from socialism and moderates (McCain - wth was that, anyways)) and maybe, just , maybe, get back on track and out of this festering hole. If we can do that, perhaps "R" will mean conservative once again and I won't be ashamed to own it.

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