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Oil and Windows

(Fri Jun 18 00:24:29 2010)

We can't blame everything on BP

ok. Everyone wants some sort of retribution/compensation/apology about the oil spill in the They are presently beginning an investigation into the causes behind the spill including such things as: negligence, noncompliance, willful damages, withholding, etc. BP is promising compensation to those affected by the spill. liberals say it is never going to be complete compensation and would have BP drown in it's own oil trying to continually "compensate" every man, woman, and child in the gulf region who ever sold a shrimp for livelihood.

I don't deny that BP is liable for this disaster. I believe that it is just for them to make reparations, stop the spill and attempt to restore the gulf insofar as it is possible. But, in 150 years, in 2160, long after the area is recovered (based on how long previous oil spill recoveries have taken), will BP still be required by law to continue shelling out monies to the descendents of Gulf Coast fisherman? That is akin to the guilt whites are still compelled to feel for slavery today. Is it reasonable, feasible, or even effective?

Allow me to view this from a slightly different angle. In this illustration,

the gulf = a window in a dance studio

the owner = people who make their livelihood in the gulf

BP = man on the street,

oil spill = yo yo

people who get services from gulf industry = dance students

So, a man is walking down the street playing with a yoyo (archaic & unrealistic, but neither malicious nor irresponsible on the face of it). the sun peeks out from behind a cloud, and like 25% of the populace, the man is compelled to sneeze. The yoyo swings out of control mid-sneeze and smashes into the window of a dance studio. The businessman who runs the studio is unable to fix the window due to a shortage of glass. This results in him being unable to teach dance lessons, as it is best done in a temperature controlled environment. His students thus leave and find a different dance studio.

what can the owner do? He could stay at the same studio and wait for more glass, but he doesnt know how long it may be until more is available. He can sell out and move to a different building elsewhere, though he will need to build a new clientele. Lastly, he can sue the snot out of the man with the yoyo.

Whether or not the man should have been swinging a yoyo whilst walking down the sidewalk is relevant to blame, but not relevant to recovering lost clientele. it is the man's responsibility to replace the glass window, and perhaps to cover some damages, but it is not the fault of the man that his accident made the dance students leave. it is not up to him to pay the business owner compensation for the lack of income during the ensuing period while the owner either: waits for a new window, or builds his business anew.

Had this been a natural disaster, no one would be asking to have their business propped up until their houses could be rebuilt. I personally know a number of Katrina refugees who moved to Texas and rebuilt their lives there, after losing everything. (ie - getting a new studio and rebuilding clientele).

I am not insensitive to the suffering of the livelihood of the people in the gulf. There may have been negligence or safety violations that led to this accident. But that is the cause and not the logical solution. This is (hypothetically, but rapidly diminishing of late) a free-market, capitalist society. In such a society, the realistic response a thing is to pick up and start again. Change jobs, move to a different coast. In frontier America, there would have been no other option, and asking someone else to fix your problems would have been unthinkable. Pride and self-sufficiency were admirable traits. Today, experiencing a bad lot in life earns pity and money!! Remarkably disappointing turn of events.

BP is expected to be guilty for an unspecifiable period of time, to be demonized as an evil and greedy big oil corporation, and pay out through the nose until the end of the unspecified guilt period to those who lost their jobs and business in the gulf to the oil spill. therefore, they will be bankrupted in the name of retribution.

If BP does manage to weather the financial realities of this situation, will they be forever scarred, demonized and indebted to the people of the gulf? Though the people affected by this disaster deserve justice, is it just to obliterate an unintended "aggressor?"

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