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Alarmism pt 2

(Wed Jan 27 16:50:49 2010)

eating every 2.5hrs around the clock. she's gained 1.5oz in the last 2wks. the doctors are going to

eating every 2.5hrs around the clock. she's gained 1.5oz in the last 2wks. the doctors are going to put her on a high calorie formula immediately.

I mourn this situation. my baby gained no weight for his first 3.5months. he looked like he was a little skeleton. looking back at pictures, I don't know how he survived. he ate constantly, but lethargically, he was gassy, fussy, and had trouble sleeping.

I know now that the bulk of his Celiac comes from me. i've never been tested, but upon assuming a gf lifestyle and then accidentally injesting gluten, I know it does me wrong! But, I was not a failure to thrive baby. if my son had gone regularly to a pediatrician, he'd have had that winsome title and also been given formula. luckily for my own nature, I knew it had to be something in the milk and did a total elimination diet. immediately he gained a pound a week and stopped all his fussiness. by slowly adding in foods, I was able to pinpoint wheat as a trigger and had him tested at 10 months for gluten sensitivity.

I hate to be the alarmist, the one who's always suggesting that wheat is what ails others. I also hate to mention it to my sil, who has enough to deal with with a baby with spina bifida. But my suspicions are aroused. If they switch her to formula and it is a gluten problem, when food is introduced, the pain, gassiness and lack of weight gain and growth will return. I HATE to see a baby forced to take formula when I KNOW breast is best. Breast may just be contaminated....

An elimination diet is boring...and hard...and annoying. but I did it for the sake of my son, and I know he's better for it. it takes an everage of 8yrs to diagnose Celiac by doctors in America. And that is just those who ARE diagnosed. countless millions have gas, bloating, diarrhea, weight loss, weight gain, a fuzzy mind, nausea & pain (just to name a few more common symptoms) and accept it as normal. I can't imagine how unhealthy, thin, short, pained etc, my 2yr old would be w/o gf

If I don't take the alarmist stance, who will?

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