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When you experience something, suddenly - it's everywhere! when I was pregnant, it seemed like every

When you experience something, suddenly - it's everywhere! when I was pregnant, it seemed like everyone else was pregnant. when I carried my boys in a mai tei, every mom had their baby in some kind of carrier. when my 1st was sick as a dog, I felt like I was the only one in the world with this problem...until we determined it to be Celiac Sprue.

Now, gluten intolerance is everywhere I look. Ok, I am a biology researcher with a bent toward nutrition and a specialty on intolerances (lactose, carbohydrates etc), but the awareness of Celiac has expanded exponentially in the last 10yrs in America.

now, many food labels will specify "gluten-free," restaurants have special menus or items listed online for gluten-sensitive customers, chex and betty crocker went gf. it really does seem to be everywhere!

I'm no fool. I realize there are other causes of many symptoms that have NOTHING to do with gluten. but with an estimated 1/150 Americans with Celiac Sprue and 1/100 having some sensitivity to wheat and/or gluten, I mention it as a likely culprit fairly readily.

Let's be honest: they put wheat in everything these days. Most of it is highly processed. We eat too much of it: cereal, pancakes, bagels, muffins, donut, crackers, rolls, hamburger buns, tortillas, pasta, cakes cookies, onion rings, pizza, breaded meat... I could go on forever. And how many people reading this are shifting uncomfortably right now because I just listed their dietary staples?

It's no small wonder that we develop a negative response to something so unhealthy that we develop a negative reaction to it. I love Star Wars, but if I watched only Episode 1 3x/day, every day for 20 yrs, I think all & any enjoyment would be lost.

this brings me to my niece. she was born 1month ago with spina bifida. that was a suprise and strain, but she has a marvelous prognosis. however, she is gaining NO weight. she also appears to be suffering from lactose intolerance. she is lethargic at the breast and doesn't take much in, thought the milk is there and she's

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