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(Fri Jan 8 22:05:04 2010)

So, i don't do new year's resolutions. Mainly because if I do them, I forget them, and fail at them

So, i don't do new year's resolutions. Mainly because if I do them, I forget them, and fail at them, then feel terrible and obligated to try again the next year with even worse resolve. So, forget it. I know what DOESN'T work. I bet they don't do New Year's resolution's in China for their New Year.

I do have goals. And right after getting away for 2 weeks with family and skipping: schedule,-normalcy, regular food, and any sense of which way is does make this a perfect time to re-evaluate my goals. So, checking in:

for FLYing: I'm set so start back up in earnest with my FLYing on Monday. This week has been a crazy mix of introversion (I barely left the house) and picking up Christmas-y things. I want to build my own control journal so that if for whatever reason I'm unavailable, hypothetically the house could still run as normal.

My bible studying - that went belly-up in December. I should have been done with the NEXT book before we left for break. Instead, I still have two pages in the Philippians study. It's yet another thing I can't skimp on or I see it in my life. And I want to do these great Elizabeth George studies so that I can move on to Kay Arthur's Inductive studies - real meat!! Hopefully, I should get there before my birthday and the trip to KS/AR.

Menu planning - I have the 8 wk plan and tried it out this week. Wow. It's great to know that everything I need to cook WILL be on hand. I find it less expensive. I can focus more on coupon utilization, because I know what I'll be needing. I can think more about side dishes. (something very Summersish inside me craves: salad, fruit, veggie, and bread at each dinner) I can truly stock my pantry with things I will USE. And, best of all to me - I will never come down to contemplating mayo/ketchup/parmesan balls on a Sunday night again! Gosh I love having a plan! Now, I just need to bother Andrew about access to via impossible dream according to my browser specs.

Schooling - For me, I want to dig in consistently with my sign language studies using the Green Book series I just ordered. I know lifeprint was beyond amazing for a free resource, but I know I need more grammar helps, cultural tips and practice to really get moving. If only I still had Deaf to talk to! Alas...
- For Xan, I need to pull it together for Letter of the Week. It looks like we'll be moving into it in Mid-Febuary. I have 14/31 weeks totally ready. I have all the workbooks I need. If I can get O-long vowels planned, I'll feel a lot better about it.
- For Ian, I need to not discount him just because I'm busy with Xan. Brightly Beaming baby is EASY and right there.

Weight loss - Sigh....I hate reverting. I'm pretty sure that I, too am a celiac. That make low-carbing very...interesting. Also with a menu plan involving ya. I may rework the menu in future to make it so I can turn more of the prepped meals into salads, but right now I'm just going to work on portion control and snacking. Holidays do a doozy on ya there. Also, I'm back on the bandwagon for workouts on Monday. 2 days on - one day off. Tho - I am considering a consistent TW-thoff, FS-Sunoff. that schedule frees up my afternoon with the girls, gives me Sunday to relax with Andrew and the boys and Monday afternoon to clear the chaos from the weekend. I still need to hit Pre-Ian by my birthday. Presently, that is 30lbs in about 25weeks. MORE than achievable, if I just DO IT. Long term, I want to be at 210 by next Thanksgiving and 190 by my 28th birthday. 70lbs in 18 months. come ON!! Someday, I dream of seeing how I look at 175lbs...but that may be a pipe dream. I've done 190 before. We'll start with the manageable.

So, that about wraps it up for a January goal recap. go me.

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