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Charlotte Mason's Theories....Meh.

(Sun Dec 13 22:50:54 2009)

Looking beyond just the reading selections to the CM heart of AO, I have stumbled somewhat. All I kn

Looking beyond just the reading selections to the CM heart of AO, I have stumbled somewhat. All I knew of CM before AO were some popularly adapted ELEMENTS of CM. But, at AO, they maintain that you cannot be "a little CM" or "CMesque" and call it CM. Her METHODS were highly structured and without the entire package, the pieces are just pieces. It's like the paint on ab palette. It is only paint until Monet paints it into something priceless.
Dutifully, I have been researching in every way possible CM's methods. I had scoured AO, joined 15 AO related yahoo groups (that I keep up with via daily digests) and have been reading her Homeschooling series.
From the AO site and the yahoo groups, I have determined that a CM education is passionate, rigourous, broad, and full. It involves not namby-pamby crafts, but instead encourages handicrafts for children. it discourages "twaddle" in reading and focuses on edifying "living books."( it was CM who coined that term and thoroughly defined it). It directs but does not force and teaches history and literature by a literary "immersion," if you will, bathing the student in true accounts and stories, not dry, bare facts.
on the other hand, I've determined that some facets of CM are not to my liking. Reading her own books on character, when her own description of a child's mind is in question from my perspective, is a bit much. Copywork & dictation teaching spelling, french as the ideal 2nd language & nature study as primary science through 8th grade is suspect to a scientist.
Luckily for me, I have LCC to fill in the gaps. Where CM fails to be solid, LCC provides graspable structure. Where LCC has only hollow, disconnected, austere qualities, AO lives, breathes and jumps off the page to me. I know betwixt the two of them, I shall lick the platter clean!

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