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A Love Affair: pt 2

(Sun Dec 13 21:59:12 2009)

I loved the support structure and the direct interface with the digital Tapestry of Grace to hundred

I loved the support structure and the direct interface with the digital Tapestry of Grace to hundreds of other moms and their ideas. everything I could ever want to implement their curriculum was there.
I was gradually becoming disillusioned with their literature choices, particularly the elementary selections. Surely we could read more classic literature and less "spines?" I had thought this was a living books curriculum - why was history written and compiledb by editors? Not all of it, but too much of it. Some of the books didn't seem very intellectually challenging and focused more on engaging activities like lapbooks (a cutesy waste of paper if I ever saw it) than engaging minds.
I also didn't see a strong fine arts component. it was treated as more of an option than a formal subject. Then there was the neoclassical 4-year chronology. I realized from sooo many posts that yr 2 was simply too dense to be adequately covered in one year. The fall of Rome through the American Revolution in one year, seriously? I could barely fathom spanning that in 2 years and do it any justice. The more I thought about it, the more I questioned the core of Tapestry. A superior and entwined geography curriculum wasn't enough to justify $800/yr anymore...
I blame my love of latin. It took me to Memoria Press' curriculum, but also to their articles. I finally loved that so much I bought Andrew Campbell's "Latin-Centered Curriculum." I adored it, but found his suggestions somewhat austere and lacking connections. Andrew disliked the arrogance of a man espousing that his way was the ONLY way. Andrew is a bit(read:dogmatically) anti-overly classical. To work with that, I maintained a hold on Tapestry as the only framework I had going.

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