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A Love Affair: Tapestry of Grace

(Sun Nov 29 23:36:05 2009)

Since delving into Classical education, I had yet to discover a curriculum for me. Most "Complete" c

Since delving into Classical education, I had yet to discover a curriculum for me. Most "Complete" curricula were composed of sets of books from different subjects with the provider's name stamped in the corner. There was no cohesion. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, there were unit studies - but they tended to be a bit TOO cohesive, at the expense of relevant subject matter that they couldn't fit in to their unit. I craved structure, at the time was still enamored of the neoclassical four year history cycle, yet needed to be able to make whatever we chose our own.
Tapestry of Grace was a Godsend. it had the 4-yr cycle of history, real books instead of text, amazing support structure, activities, and a broad liberal arts coverage. I determined not to use every aspect of Tapestry, principally their writing, government and philosophy selections, as I desired my own handle on that. but that still left church history, world history, science history, literature, geography, and fine arts. that still seemed a worthwhile investment to me.
An investment it would be, particularly with the new digital edition, but still a strident desire for having the written page in my hand. that would run$300 before any other resources were purchased. books, depending on year plan & level, could be had for $150-650. That placed us at $150-800/yr not including language arts, math, science or languages. ugh.
still, for a LONG time (read: over three years) I was drawn to TOG like a moth to a flame. teaching all your children simultaneously with a built-in support structure yet freedim to develop my school my way? irresistable!
some seeds of malcontent took a long- time to build and overcome my desire for Tapestry.

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