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Choosing Math Curriculum

(Sun Nov 29 12:29:17 2009)

Dh is a product of Saxon math. He is a huge fan of their spiral approach. I get that. At the same ti

Dh is a product of Saxon math. He is a huge fan of their spiral approach. I get that. At the same time, part of my desire to keep away from boring old textbook format makes me look at Saxon with mild disdain, despite its effectiveness. there just has to be something just as effective, but far more mind stretching & fun. Also, dh admitted that Saxon is not the most appropriate format for the under algebra crowd, so I had leave to seek something different for arithmetic.
My first foray into alternatives took me to Singapore math. I recognize the falling American standards and the drive that Asians have in math/science/the arts. I like the mental math, the small workbooks and the colorful texts. My soul concern would be a lack of practice. My recent discovery of Critical Thinking Company's Mathematical Reasoning series would, at the very least, supplement Singapore, though, depending on how each works, Singapore may be the supplement.
My only othe elementary option was drawn from my desire to use the tried and true: Ray's Arithmetic. It starts at basic counting and goes through advanced math, also specializing in mental math like Singapore. Neither Singapore noe Ray's follow the presently established 'order' for math mastery, which I consider a positive. Determining which I will use will have to do mainly with whethr the bright and flashy Singapore/CTC is overwhelming for any particular child - because both are more than satisfactory, imho.
For moving past arithmetic, Singapore diverges drastically from the traditional and Ray's doesn't toe the line, either. while having the ability to use logic and mental reasoning is significant, for purposes of college, the algebra-geometry-trigonometry order probably ought to be pursued. Dh is insistent on the proven methods of Saxon. I'm not sold on it. I'm concerned that some of our kids mayn't prefer the traditional approach. The last thing I want is for my kids to "hate" math, just because it was too dry and poorly explained.

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