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(Sat Nov 28 23:26:40 2009)

I discovered Memoria Press through CCH's latin suggestions. I was drawn to them above all others fo

I discovered Memoria Press through CCH's latin suggestions. I was drawn to them above all others for two reasons: 1) they have a latin curriculum that can started as young as kindergarten age (prima latina) and 2) they are the only elementary series that not only advises you which curriculum to proceed with once you surpass what they have written, but they sell that curriculum. Henle latin is, in and of itself, classic!
From Memoria Press I really solidified my penchant for a TRADITIONAL classical education and not just a neoclassical one. Neoclassical feels like a modern knock-off of a tried and tested method. Traditional feels deeply rooted and rigorous enough to hone the sensibilities of the child. Where neoclassical dances around the edges of the important things, traditional delves in deeply.
I was influenced by Andrew Campbell, wh has written many articles on MP in favor of his "Latin-centered Curriculum." oh, to study latin, math and literature as the foundational building blocks of all else.... to study multam non multa and really own what you have learned! I want that confidence for myself as much as I want it for my children!
Traditional delves deeply into source texts, original ideas, and real works of dedicated thinkers that I want to encounter! It desires to shape the mind with logic using Martin Cothran's thorough Logic series. It teaches you to savor and process great literature! It gives thought to the most important topic of all: bible study. concrete, inductive study so each person can own the take responsibility for God's Word as it resides in their hearts.
it teaches Latin easilyzm effectively, enjoyable, and thoroughly. Memoria Press led me to Latin and the best approach to classical christian education I could find!

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