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Homeschool Philosophy pt 2b

(Sat Nov 28 21:00:55 2009)

This search of just what classical homeschooling meant took me to many curriculum websites, veritas

This search of just what classical homeschooling meant took me to many curriculum websites, veritas press and Calvert Christian academt among them. But, I was drawn to classical christian homeschooling because instead of represented any one curriculum, it encapsulated the important aspects of home education from a Christian, classical perspective. I read many articles there, and learned the levels of education. I researched all their suggestions and stumbled upon some gems.
My favorite aspect of CCH, by far, was the 1000 good books list which led up to the 100 great books and the "Great Conversation." This was, it seemed, the goal of Classical education, to be conversant with the significant literary contributions which had shaped western culture. I adored the books and authors chosen -no non-descript, overly-stimulating flashy books that were attempting to vie for a child's attention over a video game, wii or television set. No, these selections were of such caliber, they did not need to compete with media, they squarely bested them. They were time-tested favoritew that ignited imaginations and had enchanted generationd. They made me believe a real-books education was worthy.
A link I discovered from CCH was Memoria Press. What began as a humble perusal of elementary-based latin instruction, a clear essential to the proper classical education, became a much deeper understanding of the the language, it's significance in history, and it's importance in classical education. I would suggest anyone wishing to guide a classical education, be it for themselves or their children, read the articles on their website.
While there, I read Dorothy Sayer's essay on Classical education, learned about the difference between a neoclassical and traditional classical curriculum, and what drove the movement. I believe I'll blag further about the entrancing products at Memoria Press at another time.

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