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Homeschool Philosophy pt 2a

(Wed Nov 25 22:21:34 2009)

overarching philosophy. Some philosophies can be blended, some can be integrated and some are decept

overarching philosophy. Some philosophies can be blended, some can be integrated and some are deceptively similar barring 1 or 2 key points. I see no reason to not subjugate secondary philosphies, as, in order for them to be secondary and complmentary, they cannot be in opposition to the primary.
So, returning to where my search for philosophy of homeschooling led me. At first, as a product of traditional schooling, I was so amazed at learning from "living books," that I could imagine nothing better than learning from the source. however, as entranced as I was with the concept, I was still too much of a newbie to plan it all out myself. Enter Sonlight.
their Christian, complete, literature-based, topically-integrated studies that focused on peoples and had a distinct missions focus was utterly appealing. the guided UGs that broke down schedules to the day seemed so well- organized to me. So, where did I feel it didn't fit?
Well as well-structured and laid out as it was, Sonlight had no chronology. It seems to hop from place to place and time to time with little rhyme nor reason. While the books were all quality, many caldecott & newberry titles, they didn't seem 'classic.' And, a huge drawback acknowledged by even seasoned Sonlight users - if you have many children on different levels, Sonlight is so focused it's nearly impossible to coordinate more than two levels at once.
Sonlight also didn't proclaim to fulfill any particular philosophy, but bridged the gap between many. While this first struck me as a positive aspect, the more I learned about this philosophy, the more it irked me.
I found myself leaning more and more toward classical schooling. This philosophy is generally acknowledged to be the most rigorous approach toward education, which, as I've stated before, was less a deterrant and more of a draw. Classical had chronology, great books, and mentally enhancing topics such as logic and latin. A long-time student of latin and a willing learner of logic, this drew me further in.

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