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Philosophy of Homeschooling pt. 2

(Wed Nov 25 22:01:06 2009)

For myself, I quickly determined that anything on the delight-directed side of the spectrum held no

For myself, I quickly determined that anything on the delight-directed side of the spectrum held no appeal to me. Don't get me wrong, I believe young children should have little structure in their learning, and am a big proponent of "real" learning in life by applying knowledge. But, suffice it to summarize, as a scientist married to an engineer, lack of structure equates to constant chaos.
So, I tried to determine what I like and what I wanted to acheive and see in my children's school experience. I decided that imitating a typical school setting was too disjointed, dry, and uninteresting. I wanted to ignite a passion for learning using school as a vehicle, not quench the flame and develop antipathy for school! I didn't want a narrow coverage of material, focusing on only the US. I didn't want such a broad scope as to make it a politically-correct bastion of international tolerance. I don't believe children should direct their own education when they are young. Children who are unable to discern truth from lies should not be left to lean on their own understanding. It is our job to train them up in the ways of righteousness, as parents, because parenting isn't incidental or trial and error, it's the cultivating of a heart and soul to know recognize, know and love Jesus. That sort of cultivation can't be left to chance. So, that nixed unschooling, montessori, principle, textbook-based, "soft" CM & Thomas Jefferson. It left me with literature-based, rigorous CM, and classical.
What I was also realizing was that it is a rare mom who picks only one philosophy to use in their homeschool. Most moms have a primary focus, but for reasons such as; different learning styles, subjects without a curriculum toward that philosophical leaning, finances, or a favorite product, they describe their style as 'eclectic.'
I don't like that designation : eclectic. It sounds as indecisive as being agnostic. I see no reason to not utilize a variety of materials, but those materials shouldn't be in opposition to your

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