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Philosophy of Homeschooling

(Wed Nov 25 18:53:52 2009)

When I began my research into homeschooling, I quickly discovered that the 20th century homeschoolin

When I began my research into homeschooling, I quickly discovered that the 20th century homeschoolin mom is worlds apart from the same ilk of the 21st century. I asked my mil about her homschool philosophy, and her initial blank reaction spoke volumes, though is inherently unsuprising, as her hsing journey began in the 1980s. At that time, it was monumental effort just to find a worthy textbook. A complete curriculum designed solely for hsers was almost unheard of. Without the internet, resources and support were scarce. Homeschoolers were too grassroots to allow primacy of homeschool philosophy to supercede their concerns for a complete, legal, wholesome education in the home.
These days, homeschooling has proven itself across the US. small curriculum suppliers have sprung up in droves, public and private school suppliers are angling for a piece of the action and for any topic under the sun, resources are a dime a dozen. This is phenomenal! But, its caused a huge shift in the manner of implementing homeschooling. Rather than struggling to find materials, mothers are struggling to CHOOSE. Thus enters the need for establishing a homeschool philosophy.
I found these to be only narrowly less plentiful than curriculum suppliers. In a general list going from less to more structured, I encountered the following: delight-directed unschooling, montesori, waldorf, charlotte mason, unit studies, literature-based, eclectic, textbook "school at home," Thomas Jefferson, Principle approach, Charlotte Mason, classical. this list is by no means exhaustive and is up for contention of order, depending of stringency of personal application. The repitition of Charlotte Mason in essentially opposite spots is intentional. if applied loosely, CM is far less- structured, delight -directed, and cuddly, literary in nature. Many, if not most "CM"ers use her philosophy in this way. however, if her methods are applied as she herself applied them, CM is a highly structured, detailed, rigorous approach to schooling. (tbc)

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