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(Wed Nov 25 18:14:44 2009)

So, I've been wanting to start blagging about my homeschooling thoughts so that I have the somewhere

So, I've been wanting to start blagging about my homeschooling thoughts so that I have the somewhere solid and so perhaps I'll stop using dh as a constant sounding board. His hearty endorsement of this idea suggests to me that perhaps he's a weeeee bit tired of listening to my evolving ramblings. So, here I go, recording my thoughts on homeschooling.
I realized when considering my thought process, there is NO WAY I can fit it all into 1 blag. I'm going to have to begin at the beginning.
shortly after meeting dh, he informed me that marrying him meant homeschooling...K-12. ugh. talk about commitment. I knew the guy 6 weeks and he was already discussing marriage and kids! Once I recovered from the initial "sticker shock" of that statement, the next whammy came in the form of a 5'2" woman: his mother.
she had single-handedly hs'ed he, and his 3 natural sibling after him, and was working on 3 newly adopted ones. I was wholely in awe of her and goddess abilities. I knew I would never be able to perform such a herculean task with my own not-yet-twinkles in my eyes.
I brooked the occasional query to the homeschool goddess, but was generally too intimidated to push for details. I had no idea where to begin, move to, or end. I looked at dh (then merely my beloved). He was an up-and-coming electrical/computer engineer. he wrote short stories, designed web pages and artificial intelligence for down-time. He was well-read, ethically and morally sound, and more grounded in his faith than 10 girls from my private high school.
When I married my near-genius, I knew I had to pursue the possibility of homeschooling seriously. It was beyond the surreal and hypothetical and into a certain eventuality.
Luckily, I was a scientist and a research major at that. I had a knack for finding whatever I needed to know, down to the last jot and tittle. So I began with the humble Google query, "how to homeschool..." (tbc)

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