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You can be good without God

(Fri Oct 16 21:46:06 2009)

So, I read this article about the atheist bus campaignin Bloomington, IN.

So, I read this article about the atheist bus campaignin Bloomington, IN. Apparently, the atheists want to make a moral and ethical stance and say that "you can be good without God." pretty straightforward. And as I read it, it made me laugh. it reminded me so much of the Pharisees. trying to twist the meaning of the law to make it strictly a legal action, not a heart issue. It's also pretty true. you can "be good" ie., not breaking laws, not hurting others, giving, doing charitable things, etc., without God.

But, what's the point? most people without God don't have the motivation to be "good." those who are are doing out of guilt, duty, or because it makes them feel good. all of those motivations are just a symptom of what's missing: God. If God were a part of the equation, "good" would be done spontaneously, as an overflow of a grateful heart.

if I were a christian in Bloomington, IN, I would avoid petty retaliatory measures and instead initiate a responsal bus poster/billboard/commercial stating "just being good won't get you to heaven." That statement is just as true as the atheist statement. It isn't directed specifically at any group of people, nor was theirs. But it trumps them, truly, clearly and directly. that's what Christ did to the religious leaders of the day. he didn't whine or threaten, he just stated the facts. And the truth is God.

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