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(Tue Aug 11 12:38:20 2009)

August 9th, 2009, 5:30am/I woke and was laying still, then realized my waters were about to break. K

August 9th, 2009, 5:30am
I woke and was laying still, then realized my waters were about to break. Knowing I'd removed the vinyl sheets from the bed because they had overheated me too much, I gingerly shook Andrew awake. "My waters are are breaking. get me some towels." He took longer than I'd've thought, but I realized why - he had WISELY chosedn white towel so we could check the color of the fluids! They were blessedly clear and we got up to get things going.

Andrew began airing the birth pool, but despite my closing the door, Xan woke at 5:45. He was thrilled that there was a pool in his living room! I called Pam & Kayla to tell them today was the day. I called Ashleah to let her know as well, but told her she needn't come get Xan til after 8 or so, because he wasn't a bother and it was quite early!

I cleaned my stove and kitchen counters and puttered around until Kayla arrived. then we all sat down and had some breakfast. My last bowl of Life cereal for at least 6 months! Want to be gluten-free from here on out with the new little one, just in case. I texted all those with text, posted on facebook that today was the day, and called my parents around 7am.

Pam arrived just after 7 and contractions began shortly thereafter. Nothing serious, nothing consistent, but at least there. The ladies advised I stay on my feet and moving to keep the contractions going. I disliked the idea - my feet had swollen quite a bit in the few days prior, but knew they were right. So, I swept the floors and kept up coversation for a bit. Around 8, I got dressed & got Xan dressed. The ladies, Xan & I went for a short morning walk on the airstrip. It was dewy and nice.

Andrew had already been out to Walmart to get Dreyer's popsicles for after & was finishing filling the pool & steeping a pot full of ginger to go in it for perineal elasticity.

A bit later, Ashleah came to collect Xan for the day. Just after 9am, Pam said she would feel more useful if she had a pen and paper to time contractions, so we accomodated and found her our most flamboyant, flowery pen. She and Kayla had both left their crochet at home, out of respect, but were a bit bored. Pam grabbed a Family Circle magazine to look at recipes and Kayla laid down for an hour or so to nap.

Andrew put a beef roast in the crock pot at my suggestion for dinner. He then made Pam & I some tasty omlettes with cheddar, baby bella mushrooms, and ham. I made some cherry limeade.

Things got a bit more consistent as the morning wore on, with contractions topping 30 seconds and between 5-7 minutes apart. About noon, I started changing positions: sitting in the rocker, laying on the birth ball, walking, and sitting at the table. I had some cherries and almonds around noon.

Andrew checked my dilation and the baby's position. He estimated I was about 4cm and then made a funny discovery. Without the amniotic fluid, you could easily feel the baby. Specifically, you could feel the baby's butt cheeks! We all laughed and everyone came in to feel both sides! Hehe.

At 1pm, I got a lot more focused, though Pam & Kayla still joked about the fact that I seemed to keep track of everything during contractions and that I needed to stop playing hostess!

Shortly thereafter, I realized the baby had shifted horizontal! Andrew started warming the birth pool water and added the ginger. I got in at 2pm. It slowed the contractons initially, but then they picked up in intensity. I commented that I could no longer confuse them with bad menstrual cramps! Everyone else had sandwiches for lunch.

I began vocalizing with the contractions. As time wore on, I realized I was transitioning, because I started shaking, feeling active stretching, and requested a bowl for nausea. Pam said I was very pale.

At 3, Andrew insisted I get out to urinate and change position. It worked quite well, as every position change had consistently helped. I chose to move back to the rocker for a bit. Pamela requested that we take advantage of my feet being softened from the water and got down on the floor and gave me a mini pedicure between contractions!

I didn't want to go back in the water, and the ladies suggested I try laying down, as I'd complained that my back was tired from being upright. We made our way into the bedroom and I sat on the edge of the bed. I spent a few contractions leaning into Andrew as he knelt before me.

They carefully helped me lay down on my left side. I held Andrew's hands and vocalized rather a lot at contractions. Then, I needed to sit up again, as a vomited a little. I HATE vomiting, but have NEVER been happier to do so. I knew it meant transition was almost over and pushing would start soon!

It isn't that pushing doesn't hurt, but transition pain is rather searing & you can't move it along in any way. It progresses at its own pace. With spontaneous pushing, you can make things happen, at a pace you choose.

Around 3:45, I started feeling an urge to push at the end of contractions. but, it wasn't pronounced, and worse, I felt pain up and down my legs from being in the same position on my side while tensing. Pam suggested laying on my back, which I refused. Kayla said, "Why don't we get you upright and see if gravity helps things." It took all 3 of them to get me up, as it was VERY painful to move with the head fully engaged in my cervix.

They asked what I wanted, and I said "Stand up." I did, and put my arms around Andrew's neck, buried my head in his shoulder and pulled down on him with the contractions.

I felt like I was growing a tail while standing, which was not something I remembered from Xan at all! I was very nearly discouraged feeling the head drop & recede with every push. At the same time, I was more in control of the pushes while standing. I started them out intentionally short, trying not to tear anything. Pam counted the length of my pushing once or twice, which I REALLY disliked, but she stopped without my having to comment.

Andrew had been encouraging me through the contractions, but I really needed to focus, so bit out a "shut up!" at him. :-) he did. I also felt that I wasn't well grounded as Andrew would lean into me with each contraction and I felt like I was falling forward. I reached out blindly for the wall during one, really confusing him, then managed to explain my feeling after it. He told me he was fine and we weren't going to fall, but I insisted that I wanted to feel the wall. so, the ladies helped me move my feet so I could touch it with one hand.

Pamela informed me that it was 4:01 and I was doing well. Kayla said the baby wasn't quite crowning, but we were very close to it. I thought to myself, "I'm tired of this. I'm going to have this baby before 5."

Now, I was pretty sure that I was stretched well, and started pushing mightily with each contraction, squatting and pulling down on Andrew's neck. I felt the baby crown and NOT recede and got excited. I knew Kayla and Pamela were both on the floor on my sides. I could hear Pam encouraging me and could see Kayla to my left.

Feeling like some sort of triumphant insect (an ant was my thought) at the sensation of "tail-growing," I sought out the Lord in my mind, asking for strength and thinking, "all things work together for good for them that trust in the Lord." Then, I gave each contraction all I had. after about 4 pushes, I knew I could get the baby out. I felt the burning sensation on my perineum and knew that meant his face was there and ready. The next push was exciting, as the head was born. Pam yelled, "Good girl! Do that again!" Just as with Xan, I had the irrational thought, "My vagina is strangling my child! Quick, get it out!" Irrational yes, but motivating to move things along. Next push delivered the shoulders to the torso. The final push shot baby out into Kayla's arms and she gave a little shout of suprise.

Kayla said, "It's a baby!" Always good news to know I hadn't birthed two kittens and a goose. Then, she turned baby over and called up, "It's a boy!"

I started saying, "Let me see him! Let me see him!" We had to coordinate passing him through my legs so Andrew could grab him. Then, Pam wrapped him in a towel and they helped me sit down on the bed and let me hold him. I said, "Hello Ian." We looked at him for a few minutes, then Andrew laid hands on him, blessed him, thanked God that he was sound and healthy, and gave him to the Lord.

Welcome, Ian Brenton Metzger (IBM ;-) ). May you becaome a strong man of God who always seeks to follow after Jesus with his whole heart, soul and mind. We love you and gladly undertake shepharding and training you to whatever end Jesus has in store!

born August 9th, 2009 at 4:25pm. weighed 8lb 7oz
20.25inches long

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