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(Wed Jun 25 09:37:13 2008)

Well, just so I have it written down somewhere; Xan smiled at 2 months, sat up alone at 5 monthes, c

Well, just so I have it written down somewhere; Xan smiled at 2 months, sat up alone at 5 monthes, crawled at 6.5, got his first tooth at the river festival at 8months...ok enough big milestones.

Presently, he's working on the 2nd tooth, which makes him just a doll. He weighs 20.5lbs and people keep calling him chubby, so no more worries there. Andrew insists that his forst word will be "duck" since he only vocalizes "ahhhhh", "da da da" and "ttt ttt tt". I'm reserving judgement.

Last week he started doing a royal wave. Very regal, particularly when he did it during worship at church. But, this morning, he started waving BACK when we prompt him. It's quite sweet, if a bit slow and selective, yet.

He can't figure out what the heck Uncle Chris is doing here. He likes to read books with him, climb his knees and chase him, but he'll sit at the table - smile like and idiot and Andrew and I, and then just stare blankly at chris.

Xan can unroll toilet paper with the best of them...thus we keep the bathroom doors closed for now. I'm trying to figure out some way to get his attention. A good firm calling hi name followed by a loud clap seems to work allright.

I guess he can't play in the dishwasher anymore...I found him playing with a steak knife in his mouth the other day...

I feel pretty bad about the 1 inch long piece of glass that was lodged in the ball of his foot for 5 days the week of the river festival, but it needed worked out, I guess, and he didn't care at all.

He's started the second tooth, and I find it amazing how quickly I forgot about the sleep loss and the whiny clinginess. He's good during mornings, anyhow.

Xan's really into closing and opening doors...we're trying to find where all the cabinet safety locks went in the piles of boxes.

I often wonder why we got a kid with so many food sensitivities...Andrew says that most people wouldn't notice the "troubles" and just feed him food that he can't handle too soon. So far, banana, grapes, melon, pineapple and corn are no-go's along with the gluten and dairy. I'm pretty sure he'll grow into most of them. He seems to love black olives and mushrooms, which I appreciate.

Well, Andrew and Chris are working hard on the computer room, triyng to get it finished by the 4th, when Mom, Dad and Andrew (and his roommate David) are coming to build the deck. After that, only the bookcases will remain as main projects. Then we can move on to....painting the bathroom, building spice racks, pushing for kitchen cabinets, computer shelving, decorating Xan's room....this isn't a rental, it's playing house with home ownership!

Oh, and nevermind the gardening! We have plans for raised vegetable gardens, a path, stump removal, shrubs, a front display, mailbox display, and formal area off the deck. The best laid plans of mice and men....cost a lot of money. It'll be a while. I hope Chris stays on with us for quite some time. he's a huge help.

speaking of such things, he's entertaining Xan, who was trying to type, so I should go relieve him, I think.

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