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oggg signed up on Jul 28, 2009 (at 21:11:34, to be exact).

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Oggg make new post
Mon Jan 4 00:50:59 2010

Oggg not post for long time. Oggg busy with bear. Ogg think, hey, bear sleep all winter, Oggg finall
Bear stay.
Fri Jul 31 22:03:38 2009

Oggg now have roommate. Name "HRRROOOAAAARRR" (Oggg not good at spelling, that just guess). Roommate
Road Work?
Wed Jul 29 23:06:50 2009

Oggg see sign today. Sign orange. Say, "Road work ahead." Oggg confused; thought road always work. N
Oggg say hi
Wed Jul 29 16:14:54 2009

Name is Oggg. Yes, name spelled with two and one more letter g; Oggg just that smart. Oggg new in t

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