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(Mon Jan 4 00:50:59 2010)

Oggg not post for long time. Oggg busy with bear. Ogg think, hey, bear sleep all winter, Oggg finall

Oggg not post for long time. Oggg busy with bear. Ogg think, hey, bear sleep all winter, Oggg finally get rest. Oggg wrong. Oggg realize bear not sleep. Bear stay inside, sure. Bear lay down lots, sure. Bear not sleep, though. Bear play "X-Box" and shoot many hunters, make lots of noise.

Oggg got rid of roommate. Not easy, but Oggg used to hardship. Oggg room with bear for many months, that enough hardship for anybody. Oggg say, "Bear pay for internet, or no more internet!" Bear say, "HRAAAGGGGHHH!!! GRRROOAAARR! HurrrRRAAARRrrr!", which mean, "I say, chappie, but I wonder if you might have noticed I have no income, eh wot? So this whole 'money' business is a bit over my head. Spot of bother, that, but I'm sure you'll work it out, there's a good chap. Oh, I say! Jolly good shot there, eh, wot wot? I must have clipped him right on the noggin! Ah, but if only this game allowed for a more Ursular program of attack, vis-a-vis, claw and teeth, as I may no doubt demonstrate should my online game be interrupted. I say, pass me that carcass, there's a good lad!" (Oggg study bear language. Bear talk sound like British on paper. Hey, Oggg not make this up.)

So, Oggg told roommate about new website, have lots of new games. Bear very interested. Bear go to website. Bear read all about new games. Then Oggg hit bear with VERY VERY BIG CLUB. Oggg buy club special. Club called "Five Iron." Long and skinny, but leave big mark. Bear leave. Oggg happy.

Oggg not completely truthful. Bear not gone; only most of bear gone. On related note, Oggg now have bearskin rug. Oggg not make rug. Bear make rug. Oggg just remove rug from bear. If naked bear run past, tell bear "Oggg say hi. Also, pay last half of rent."

Oggg now looking for new roommate. Oggg would like to remind new roommate that Oggg still have VERY VERY BIG CLUB, work just like new, and also new bear rug. New roommate recommended to have good job. Yelling not cut it this time.

<< Bear stay.

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