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(Sat May 28 08:48:15 2011)

If you need something... ASK! :)

Yesterday morning, I woke up (barely) and did not have a firm grip on reality. Just one of those "I think this is a floor" mornings. Later on at work, a custodian I with whom I work was trying to show me a nude picture he found. I was then stuck trying not to think about the picture, trying to explain to him why I didn't want to look at it, and I was already feeling really tired and out of touch with reality.

At that point, for whatever reason, my mind became chaos. I couldn't stop the picture from coming into my head, I couldn't wake up out of my muggy morning blech, and I just felt like I didn't have a sound piece of mind to stand on. I started telling God that he never really does anything to help me when I need Him. At this point of little faith and lots of confusion, I stopped cleaning and right where I was standing I looked up and said out loud (with no expectation that anything would happen), "Jesus, I need your peace right now." Then like someone flipped a switch, everything stopped and there was peace.

I just stood there for a second going, "What just happened...?" Then I realized that Jesus just did what I asked of Him. My next response was, "Did that really just happen? Hm. Interesting... That's a little different. Um, thanks!" None of my previous thoughts would come back. I just felt peaceful, and I went back to vacuuming. It took a few moments for me to realize how awesome that was, then I gave God a bit more than an "Um, thanks!" :)

Just remember that Jesus is right here right now when you need Him (on His timing, of course). I'm definitely looking forward to the rest of this relationship with Jesus Christ! What seems like a really small thing might have been something of a turning point in my faith. It was definitely a reminder that, yes, He's still here (duh).

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