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The Hobbit
Fri Dec 14 12:03:31 2012

In short: great movie, who's this Azog guy?
New phone: Droid 4
Fri Mar 2 12:46:59 2012

This phone rocks. No, seriously.
Remotely Awesome
Fri Feb 24 17:16:46 2012

Linux continually surprises me - and that's a good thing
Rasberry Pi
Wed Feb 8 12:38:38 2012

This is the part where I say something like "WANT! WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT!"
Corruption at the highest levels!
Tue Feb 7 17:23:36 2012

Corruption can be deadly - especially to Windows XP
Styling and Design
Thu Jan 26 15:32:42 2012

The hardest part of web design isn't the stuff under the hood; it's everything that's in plain view
What A Mess
Wed Jan 18 21:05:49 2012

Sometimes, you need to break things to make them better
Business Trip: Mexico
Thu Dec 15 12:09:06 2011

In Which I Become An International Traveller
More Famous Every Day
Wed Dec 7 17:51:58 2011

I'm getting more famous every day... and I'm not sure if I like it.
Seize Weird Science Species!
Mon Oct 24 09:39:44 2011

I have officially decided that the American English spelling rules reflect life itself.
Out of My Head, Into Yours
Wed Oct 5 11:46:46 2011

Ever tried to get an idea across, as fully as you can?
Creative Outlets
Thu Sep 15 09:50:52 2011

Are you creative - and if so, how?
Text Adventuring
Sun Sep 4 10:42:48 2011

Games where the imagination actually still plays a part
Taxes, taxes, taxes. Oh, and math.
Fri Jul 15 17:31:02 2011

If you hear something that sounds like a good idea... do a bit of math before you go for it.
The Art Of Hiding
Wed Jul 13 12:17:08 2011

I've always been interested in steganography - that is, putting data into otherwise 'normal' files.
A quick change
Mon Jun 27 14:17:14 2011

I've added an HTML editing box in place of the usual text box...
On Laptops and Desktops
Fri Jun 24 13:53:00 2011

Yes, I know, I know, I haven't blagged for a while...
A long weekend...
Mon May 16 01:26:17 2011

As I wandered, lonely as a cloud... I injured myself. Ow.
Facebook, Again
Mon May 9 22:28:50 2011

One small step for a website, one giant leap for Interblagnetwebkind
Nothing but a test
Sun May 8 16:02:18 2011

This is a test, this is only a test...
You Call This Weather?
Tue Apr 26 21:20:09 2011

Why, it's nuffin! Prime playin' weather, this is!
Of Budgets and Debts
Mon Apr 25 00:43:19 2011

"Tax the rich" only sounds good if you can't do math
A Long Morning
Sat Apr 9 16:16:42 2011

Cutting trees is hard (but rewarding!) work
Testing FaceBook stuff
Thu Apr 7 20:10:21 2011

This is a test of the FaceBook Blag Alliance...
April Fools!... is over.
Sat Apr 2 00:56:11 2011

April Fools is not my favorite holiday.
The end of an era
Mon Mar 14 12:02:33 2011

My list of webcomics is one shorter, today.
The Godmode III
Tue Mar 8 23:27:38 2011

Heading into the third Godmode, I think I've gotten a lot more covered this time...
Busy is as busy does. And does. And does.
Fri Feb 18 22:02:27 2011

I'm sure there's a song about working hard, but I can't think of one right now.
New story: Fast
Tue Jan 25 00:20:25 2011

You know how when you're sick, your brain feels like it's running in slow motion?
Game Servers Are Hard
Sun Jan 23 22:58:23 2011

As many game servers exist out there, you'd think it'd be easier
I've worked myself into a corner.
Fri Jan 14 16:02:31 2011

I admit it; it's my fault. It's not going to be easy to fix, but I will be able to fix it.
I LOVE Christmas!
Fri Dec 17 17:45:03 2010

And you should, too! Seriously! Start now!
Quick update to the Wobsite
Fri Dec 17 15:20:52 2010

Now with more readable usefulness!
You can't know everything
Tue Dec 14 18:04:41 2010

You can't know it all, even if you try. Sigh...
Why is old computer hardware so expensive?
Thu Dec 2 17:53:53 2010

It's not like anyone wants them... except, obviously, me
Wed Dec 1 22:49:35 2010

Finally, my efforts have paid off!
Wed Dec 1 08:15:57 2010

Would you go through a naked scanner if you knew they never catch terrorists?
Pet Peeves
Tue Nov 30 16:55:57 2010

One thing I really can't stand...
Wine, Ubuntu, and Star Craft
Tue Nov 16 17:31:26 2010

Extra computers = win; slow StarCraft = fail
LAN Party!
Tue Nov 9 14:53:13 2010

Friday (the 12th) is the test-launch of GodMode, my church's LAN party group.
"Electronic Pogo Stick of Doom"
Fri Nov 5 08:14:22 2010

That's what my poor server has decided it is...
New tag selector!
Mon Oct 25 23:06:14 2010

I've added a tag selector to the Make-a-Blag page - try it out!
Mon Oct 25 12:05:26 2010

I'm pretty pleased with myself, right about now.
Mon Sep 20 00:38:27 2010

I've never been one to choose many titles for myself.
Linux Malware Threat? Ah... No.
Thu Sep 16 14:10:24 2010

There's a reason I use Linux over Windows, and it's not just because I'm weird.
Bad Month for Hard Drives
Fri Sep 10 17:09:12 2010

Remember how I worked on a few hard drives recently? I guess it's that kind of month
Thinking Before Acting
Sun Sep 5 15:13:38 2010

Whatever you do, think before you act. It's just a good idea.
Vista = Hell
Wed Aug 25 23:23:46 2010

Laptop FAIL
Sun Aug 22 19:39:17 2010

This has been a bad few weeks for laptops
Finishing touches are... boring.
Fri Aug 13 08:12:14 2010

In the past couple weeks, I really haven't touched anything on the site...
A few little changes
Sat Aug 7 23:16:07 2010

Web developement is tedious...
Bashing Internet Explorer
Thu Jul 29 17:22:36 2010

From its inception, IE has been slow, ugly, and as standards compliant as a government slush fund.
Mediacenter Software
Wed Jul 21 17:40:53 2010

So here I am, looking for yet another media program to use.
Are You OK?
Wed Jul 21 11:27:35 2010

There is a reason I ask this question
Stupid Unhelpful API
Tue Jul 13 00:47:23 2010

Better functions? Yes. Simple? Not a chance.
Mon Jul 12 01:09:39 2010

Yes, I joined Facebook. No, I won't be on much.
Made Some Errors
Fri Jul 9 00:04:46 2010

(This is actually a good thing)
A Few Changes
Thu Jul 8 00:17:03 2010

Oh, and I can't stay on one topic. Ever.
Logic: the Final Frontier
Thu Jun 24 12:45:07 2010

So, I have this device for my kids.
Vacation Round-Up: River Fest
Sat Jun 12 17:35:02 2010

Ah, vacation. Rest, relaxation... well, maybe next week.
Fri May 28 14:15:33 2010

Yay three day weekend!
Dreaming a Story
Fri May 28 11:02:56 2010

I love dreams, I really do - good or bad.
Mon May 24 11:52:08 2010

While my phone has been getting better over time, there is one piece that has gotten worse.
Sat May 22 22:47:56 2010

Got a Droid; yes, it is that awesome
Privacy: Something You Don't Have
Thu May 20 17:33:29 2010

Ok, seriously. What is up with Google-bashers?
KUbuntu 10.04
Sat May 15 07:16:34 2010

It's been a bit since I upgraded, so here are some thoughts
Via The Register...
Mon May 10 12:29:40 2010

Can't make up your mind? No big deal, we'll do it for you!
Dear Google:
Thu May 6 17:10:02 2010

Change is not always a good thing.
Tired... So... Tired...
Tue May 4 22:41:11 2010

Also, cannot feel hands. Also, it's my brithday!
Sun May 2 21:20:10 2010

So this blag reads like a commercial... who says it isn't?
Me vs. Verizon, Round 1
Wed Apr 28 17:01:36 2010

So, I'm planning on getting a new phone.
Rovio Redux
Sun Apr 18 15:17:23 2010

Robots are awesome. No, seriously. AWESOME.
Sushi and Robots
Wed Apr 14 22:10:29 2010

It's not my birthday yet, but I've already gotten some presents. Yay!
Version 1.0
Tue Apr 13 13:56:15 2010

With little fanfare, I'm releasing version 1.0 of the site; this is, officially, the first release.
Water Warnings
Thu Apr 1 11:58:26 2010

Who knew water was so dangerous?
Weird Spending Habits
Thu Mar 25 14:24:49 2010

Ever compared what you spend? Sometimes, you get odd results...
Healthcare and Insurance
Wed Mar 24 17:38:30 2010

So, the healthcare bull (sorry, bill), H.R. 3962, passed. What does this mean for me?
One down, none to go!
Fri Mar 19 12:05:57 2010

I checked off the last thing on my todo list today - sweet!
Almost There
Sat Mar 6 14:36:08 2010

The Blag!?! is so close to 1.0, I can taste it - but I don't want to rush too much.
More upgrades!
Thu Feb 25 18:06:32 2010

I got another two items off my checklist today!
Thu Feb 25 09:16:26 2010

Ian is crawling! Well, he's mobile, at least.
Silly Firefox, bugs are for IE!
Tue Feb 23 12:23:10 2010

Firefox is usually pretty good... usually.
Downtime and Upgrade
Sat Feb 20 22:18:19 2010

Ah, upgrades. Gotta love them. Eventually.
Right Tool for the Job
Fri Feb 19 16:54:14 2010

Right tool, right job - and yet, still so wrong.
Kicked Offline
Tue Feb 16 10:16:26 2010

Anyone notice the site was down yesterday? Yeah. Oops.
Fri Feb 12 00:41:37 2010

It's late - after midnight. I really, really, really need to get to bed.
Recent Ramblings
Wed Feb 10 14:15:47 2010

It's been a few days since my last post (again), so I figured I better get on and say something.
Linux Holes
Mon Jan 25 12:44:23 2010

I love Linux. I really do. It's free, it's portable, it's fun to use, and it's easy to work with...
Internet Fail
Tue Jan 19 21:46:56 2010

It has been, I fear, a bad week for connectivity.
Falling In
Sat Jan 16 22:55:24 2010

I like movies. Movies, TV shows, radio dramas, and of course, best of all, books.
Building Computers
Fri Jan 15 10:57:08 2010

All computer builds have stages, though these stages vary due to various inputs
Big Freaking Graphics
Wed Jan 13 17:25:39 2010

So, I just unboxed my new video card. I finally got my computer back up and running, thank goodness.
Intelligence and Smartness
Tue Jan 12 15:55:56 2010

Rather a lot of people don't know the difference between intelligence and being smart.
Backups and Text
Sat Jan 9 19:06:47 2010

I made an important discovery. Backups are important, but more than that, WHERE you back them up.
A Few Upgrades
Fri Jan 8 17:53:57 2010

Yep, this is going to be a boring blag about site upgrades again.
Christmas Swag
Thu Dec 31 20:57:09 2009

This was an interesting Christmas; a bit of a reversal, of sorts.
15 Minutes of Work
Mon Dec 21 17:21:09 2009

It pays off; I've added some more corners and such, and fixed the header. It looks a lot better now.
CSS Sprites
Wed Dec 16 17:17:07 2009

I added a few simple modifications that should make things load a little faster
Dual. Screen. Laptop.
Wed Dec 16 11:58:49 2009

I don't click on ads. I just don't; even ads that I think might be interesting usually go unclicked.
Cloud got nuthin' on me
Mon Dec 14 16:57:17 2009

Funny how technology progresses, innit?
Sushi, Flight Delays, and Tea
Sun Dec 6 19:23:27 2009

Today has been an interesting day. It started with a long trip to the airport...
To Do
Wed Nov 25 15:36:46 2009

This is a general to-do list, partially to tell you what's upcoming for change...
People, you are awesome.
Tue Nov 24 01:17:21 2009

There are several sites I frequent daily...
One down, 6 to go!
Mon Nov 23 17:18:14 2009

I have a long list of stuff to do with the blag, but I've gotten at least one of them done. There ar
Sun Nov 22 23:43:56 2009

Ok, so if you checked the blag today, you would have noticed that it was... not there.
Chrome OS
Fri Nov 20 13:24:46 2009

Google has come out with some new data about Chrome OS - what it runs on, and what it does.
More about XSLT and SVG
Thu Nov 19 17:57:31 2009

The more I mess with XSLT, the more I like it.
Fog Convict
Wed Nov 11 11:55:32 2009

Ok, I need a better name than that. Seriously. Fog Convict? Fog, yes. Convict... not so much.
Web Stuff
Wed Nov 11 10:18:41 2009

At work, I'm "transitioning" from Electrical/Process Engineer to Web Designer/Process Engineer.
Too Many Days Between Blags
Wed Nov 11 10:16:22 2009

Yeah, yeah, I know, it's been forever since I last blagged. Ah well.
JavaScript, CSS, Flash, and Java (and SVG)
Mon Oct 19 12:31:05 2009

Ah, web technology. Driving men mad since 1990.
Thu Oct 8 11:25:21 2009

I blagged a few days ago about box models. It seems I made a blunder...
IE vs Just About Everyone Else
Wed Oct 7 09:33:49 2009

There are a few things in IE that are just... wrong. Firefox, Opera, even Safari work well, but IE?
More mobile stuff
Mon Oct 5 11:11:50 2009

During a bit of downtime, I was looking for some software for my phone (and my wife's phone).
Browser Standards
Tue Sep 29 12:19:23 2009

Lately, I've been noticing an unsettling trend.
Time Enough For... Later.
Thu Sep 24 12:07:50 2009

It's been a while since I wrote a blag, so I thought I'd give it another go.
Wed Sep 16 22:01:06 2009

I planted tomatoes and a variety of peppers this summer; late, but at least they got in the ground.
Sat Sep 12 00:46:03 2009

That's right; I've gotten a new monitor. And actually-really-new-not-even-used-once-still-smells-
More RSS Stuff
Tue Sep 8 16:39:52 2009

I'm really trying to get the RSS feeds working right.
Taxes, healthcare, and you!
Fri Sep 4 16:54:52 2009

Insurance (as we know it today) is just a bad idea.
Java + Webpage = Profit?
Fri Sep 4 16:50:10 2009

I'm learning Java for a project at work. Having already learned C/C++ and Perl, which are C-style sy
Bad linking...
Fri Sep 4 01:08:18 2009

It's 1am. That's... a bit late for me. So, why am I still up? Well, TV Tropes linked to
Wed Aug 26 13:46:55 2009

Well, I promised I would have that graph of the birth, and I finally got around to uploading it!
Up and Down and Up
Fri Aug 21 14:48:18 2009

Bah! Something is going on with my internet, and I'm just not sure what it is.
Fri Aug 14 09:33:23 2009

Long, long ago, I programmed QBASIC in the QBASIC editor in DOS.
Baby, baby!
Sun Aug 9 12:52:55 2009

So, this morning my wife nudged me and said,
Fri Aug 7 14:41:32 2009

Blagtastic today, aren't I?
Fri Aug 7 11:56:03 2009

(This is a reproduction of a paper I wrote a while back)
Regular Expressions
Fri Aug 7 11:19:17 2009

A regex is a very, very powerful way to search.
Wed Aug 5 16:36:10 2009

I'm working on notifications for blags and comments; expect to see that up within the week.
Sun Aug 2 14:41:02 2009

Insane (adj.): afflicted with or characteristic of mental derangement; "was declared insane"
Fri Jul 31 21:24:05 2009

This is a blag from my phone. How cool is that?
Thu Jul 30 16:11:52 2009

It's been a long day.
Sun Jul 26 00:27:34 2009

The site went through a bit of a rocky patch in the last 24 hours, if you hadn't noticed...
Plate Spinning
Thu Jul 16 16:29:45 2009

Plate spinning is an old carnival trick.
Wed Jul 15 09:28:09 2009

This has been a hard year for the Greater Metzger Household.
Army Men
Tue Jul 14 15:32:29 2009

When I was a kid, I had a big bucket of plastic army men...
Yet another test
Mon Jul 13 15:34:52 2009

This is a test of the summary system. test test test again. I'm not sure how many characters I need
Mon Jul 13 12:24:50 2009

Even before my parents bought their Tandy 386sx (with DOS 5 and Windows 3.1), I loved computers.
Goin' Mobile
Fri Jul 10 17:04:20 2009

If you go to, you'll find this site, only lighter.
Fri Jul 10 14:32:17 2009

Shock! Horror! Outages! Exclamation points!
Thu Jul 9 22:41:38 2009

It's not a very well known show; I'd never heard of it, anyway. It wasn't very long-lasting, either.
Tue Jul 7 11:59:48 2009

I like nightmares. Well, usually. I'm not the kind of person who believes every dream you ever have
Another test blag
Sat Jul 4 19:30:59 2009

This is just to see if I can edit things... here goes nothing!
Thu Jul 2 16:46:30 2009

I would like to say that Perl is really, really awesome. Really.
Mon Jun 29 15:01:37 2009

The prefix "meta" is, generally, used to describe an "X about X" situation.
Test the Tags
Mon Jun 29 11:25:04 2009

This is a content-free blag; I'm just testing some tag upgrades I made.
Thinking About Change
Sun Jun 28 23:17:58 2009

On the one side, there's the Blag.
A Little More Work
Sat Jun 27 15:05:06 2009

I've nudged the code a little bit here and there - tell me if anything goes wonky.
More Blagtastic Stuff
Fri Jun 26 16:57:20 2009

I've once again moved where the blag lives, though I think this time it's a little more permanent.
A Matter of Opinion
Fri Jun 26 10:46:22 2009

I was going to write this blag about Star Trek vs. Star Wars, but I'm not really qualified.
Time travel
Tue Jun 23 17:01:29 2009

Time travel is a very interesting subject - not just because of the possibilities
Search Me II
Fri Jun 19 15:17:43 2009

I was looking into my wobsite stats today, and I noticed I've been getting a bit more traffic
Level Thinking
Wed Jun 17 14:46:19 2009

Ever since I began philosophizing, I've considered that there are three
Sun Jun 7 16:08:06 2009

This is the first blag EVER from Windows 7!
Thu Jun 4 10:20:37 2009

Well, after my comparative study on search engines, I figured I'd blag about my next experience
Search Me
Fri May 29 14:55:14 2009

There's a lot of news (and hype) out there around the new Microsoft search,
Wed May 27 13:45:28 2009

Fear, uncertainty and doubt
Lord of My Domain
Wed May 20 23:14:25 2009

If you haven't noticed, the link is redirecting to
Some restrictions apply
Thu May 14 00:09:20 2009

I found this when looking through my old files...
More Blag Stuff
Mon May 11 20:52:48 2009

Well, I've now implemented one more piece - RSS feeds!
Blag Stuff
Sun May 3 23:54:10 2009

There are three distinct parts of building a website - or more specifically, a dynamic website.
Wed Apr 22 13:22:13 2009

I've been doing a lot of reflecting on the past lately...
Weekend Worker
Sun Apr 19 23:41:34 2009

Remember when you were a kid? Weekends were when you felt free - no school, no worries
Find a penny, pick it up
Thu Apr 16 09:19:24 2009

...And all the day you'll have a penny!
Religious Nuts
Wed Apr 15 23:33:00 2009

I wrote a couple blags before I settled on this one
Another quick fix
Sun Apr 12 23:41:43 2009

I'm not sure what caused it originally - I probably just forgot to save something
Making Changes
Fri Apr 10 00:11:13 2009

I've been making a lot of changes to the blag recently, as is plainly visible.
New Digs
Wed Apr 8 11:43:57 2009

How do you like the new look?
Blag Thoughts
Thu Mar 26 13:25:00 2009

So, I've been playing with SQL - actually, working with it
One Line at a Time
Thu Mar 19 14:33:23 2009

This post is a bit of an experiment.
A Librarian Is Me!
Fri Feb 6 10:08:06 2009

Well, ok, I'm not actually a librarian - but I've built myself a library program. Close, right?
DVD Authoring
Mon Dec 15 12:01:00 2008

I have a lot of pictures, video clips, and other multimedia paraphernalia.
Google Analytics
Mon Dec 8 10:13:03 2008

I, for one, welcome, and so on.
More virtualization stuff
Wed Nov 19 16:43:51 2008

I don't know much about virtual machines just yet, but what I've seen is AWESOME
Remote Virtual Recursive Hardware
Tue Nov 18 16:23:27 2008

Or, When To Stop And Think For A Minute
Mon Nov 10 10:10:28 2008

Memory bloat is, if you pardon the pun, huge.
Now Playing: Homeworld Soundtrack
Tue Nov 4 17:26:36 2008

Who knew a game soundtrack would be so awesome?
Well-rounded, in mind and body
Fri Oct 17 10:22:20 2008

I'm a fairly well-rounded guy (hey, no fat jokes)
New new new!
Tue Sep 16 15:45:43 2008

Thaaaaaat's right, folks! We now have nested posts! (As seen on TV!) We also have wishlists!
If trouble comes in threes...
Wed Sep 10 09:36:26 2008

...then I'm still waiting for the third one.
Link page
Mon Sep 1 22:38:08 2008

This highly undeveloped page is where you will find many links.
First post?
Mon Sep 1 22:13:33 2008

This would be the first post in the new system; if it works, I'll be very happy!
Return Of Trippy
Wed Aug 13 08:53:37 2008

This is week two of training; fun fun fun.
Thu Jul 10 11:40:06 2008

Business trips are... interesting.
Up and Down
Sat May 31 00:14:09 2008

This Website has moved! ...across the block.
Worst. Birthday. Ever.
Sat May 10 15:50:02 2008

No kidding. This birthday sucked.
Sun Apr 20 22:40:46 2008

I've put a lot of actually-acts-like-a-blag-ness into the Blag!?! site recently
Babies, work, and webpages
Tue Nov 6 14:00:27 2007

First of all, babies are AWESOME! I may be sleep-deprived, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.
It's a boy!!
Tue Oct 16 07:20:25 2007

Today has been a very, very interesting day. Also, I'm a dad.
I have a job!
Wed Sep 26 13:05:18 2007

This is a complete answer to prayer - I would even go so far as to say that it was a miracle.
Utopia sucks.
Tue Jul 17 11:07:34 2007

This just in: boredom is bad for you.
Mon Jul 9 09:37:07 2007

Yep, that means we're now at Apache2, instead of Apache.
Fun with wireless!
Thu May 31 20:57:51 2007

Genius? Me? No. But pretty dang close (I have a... disagreement with being called a genius)!
Long time, no blag!
Sat Apr 14 12:44:57 2007

Then again, I'm swamped for time.
Long time, no post
Thu Mar 8 16:36:30 2007

Yes, yes, I know, par for the course
Ups and downs
Wed Jan 10 12:19:15 2007

Classes have started up again; break needed to be a week longer.
Christmas! Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas! YAY!
Sat Dec 23 20:43:34 2006

That's right, folks, CHRISTMAS is here! Well, almost here. It's Christmas Eve Eve!
Mon Dec 18 08:01:54 2006

I don't hate Monday - I'm no Garfield. However, I do dislike Monday's.
Sun Dec 17 14:18:23 2006

Finals are done, which means it finally time for some relaxation - right?
Song of the moment: the Hallelujah Chorus
Thu Dec 14 11:17:59 2006

I finished my last test yesterday, and turned in my senior design notebook today.
Two blags in a row!
Wed Dec 13 01:34:41 2006

Still not much here for guests
Actual Blag
Mon Dec 11 02:13:59 2006

An actual, real blag (Not much for guests)
Mon Dec 4 15:20:17 2006

Yes, that's right folks, we are go for launch.
Drumroll please...
Sun Dec 3 13:03:17 2006

By jove, I think I've got it!
Once again!
Sun Dec 3 10:25:15 2006

This blag'll be short - it's basically just to see if this thing actually works.
Blag #2!
Sun Dec 3 10:14:50 2006

Aha! I FOUND it! A bug in my code kept me from making blags!
First Blag!
Fri Dec 1 22:08:52 2006

Ok, folks, this is it - historic moment here! This could very well be my VERY FIRST BLAG POST!!
Fri Dec 1 13:06:40 2006

Yes folks, that's right - a blag! (See XKCD #148) I'll even update it every once in a while.