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Clockwork Rose 1

This is a project for Lindsay's birthday; it's a rose, made of wood, aluminum, tin, steel, copper, brass, plastic, and shellac. The base is wood, with the words "A Clockwork Rose Never Dies" burned into it; there is also a brass heart with more wood burning just below the rose. The rose bud is from a "realistic imitation rose" from Hobby Lobby; the stem is an aluminum rod. The leaves are tin, with steel wire stems. The thorns are copper carpet tacks, held in place with epoxy. Finally, the creeper wrapped around the rose is a brass strip. Lindsay's only complaint is that it's not actually useful - I'm considering adding a clock. Or maybe a USB charger port. Or a night light. Then again, is art really supposed to be useful? I have a lot of materials left over from this, so chances are I'll end up working it into a case mod, or something. Keep watching this space! :-)

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