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Corruption at the highest levels!

(Tue Feb 7 17:23:36 2012)

Corruption can be deadly - especially to Windows XP

A few months ago during my business trip to Mexico, I opened up my (work) laptop, turned it on, and was greeted by a long stream of "corrupt file!" messages. Thankfully, it wasn't enough to completely destroy my computer; it was still useable, for the most part. However, I did need to reinstall .Net, re-copy a bunch of database files, and re-download my entire CVS repository. Still, I was able to get it working well enough to complete what I needed to complete, without needing to borrow another laptop.

By now, I've replaced nearly every corrupt file, with the exception of a few DLLs here and there. I'm sure there are other files, but they are touched so little that I just haven't seen them. Still, I've run into a few snags, like ntprint.dll - I didn't need it until I tried to add a printer. One quick Google later, and I found a replacement for it. It's not quite so easy to replace other files, though. I've gone through a lot of error messages, and found a lot of articles that say you should run this program or that. Some - like the .Net scrubber - work very well. Others - like sfc, the System File Checker - sit around a long time and do nothing. It's times like this that I wish Windows were more like Linux. And they could do it, too; auto-reinstall from an online repository. Have a corrupt file? Never mind troubleshooting it - just replace it! Versions are already tracked, so replacing it should be a breeze. Download, unpack, install, easy as pie. Or pi. That would have saved the hours I spent trying to get .Net re-installed, and it would have saved the minutes I wasted finding ntprint.dll and replacing it.

But, such is life. Next time, I'll just make an ISO of the drive in "pristine" condition, and work from that. Maybe.

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