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A quick change

(Mon Jun 27 14:17:14 2011)

I've added an HTML editing box in place of the usual text box...

Hopefully, this should make things a whole lot easier. I'm going to try to get the buttons below integrated (you know, the 'guest', 'any', 'link', etc.), as well as (possibly) an automatic picture linker. Meanwhile, there are a few things that this actually makes a lot easier - no more parsing-to-see-if-you-actually-used-HTML, for one thing. I'm pretty sure that there's going to be quite a few bugs that pop up, but for now, I'm pretty pleased with how it's working.

Ah, yes, there it is... for some reason, it doesn't start with a <p> tag - not until you actually post something. But that's for me to code, and you to (hopefully) never see again... hmm. Anyway, this should make your life (as a blag-writer) much, much easier; you want to makes something bold? Just select it and click the button! We also have italics, underline, strike, subscript, superscript, big letters, little letters... the list goes on. You can:

center text

right-justify text

And just about any other sort of styling you want. And if you click the "HTML" button, it shows you what it's actually done. Spiffy!

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