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A long weekend...

(Mon May 16 01:26:17 2011)

As I wandered, lonely as a cloud... I injured myself. Ow.

Not terribly long ago, an idea was posed: a visit to my wife's grandparents in Florida. Now, due to limited vacation time, I proposed that everyone else go ahead, and I stay behind, and therefore save vacation days. All well and good, right?

Thus, Thursday morning, I woke up alone; Lindsay and the boys were in Houston. I kept busy working on computers, both at home and at work. That evening, I had a great cookout with a good friend, and Friday, well, Friday was Godmode. After eating too much pizza, drinking too much Mt. Dew, and generally having loads of fun, I took a four hour nap, and was up by 5:30 for Men's Breakfast. Without children to look after when I returned, I decided to take a nap. That was 10:30 am; I woke at a quarter 'til 6. Man! I haven't felt this rested since before we had kids!

Anyway, I did a bit of work Saturday, turned in not long after midnight, and was up in time to get to church for kid's church. Now, granted, Saturday evening was a bit lonely; it was the first night I had to myself, as it were - no cookouts or LAN parties. Even so, I had things to do, so all in all, it turned out fine.

But back to Sunday. Now, everything was going well; I did laundry, some gardening, took out the trash... basically, got ready to leave Tuesday. Now, one of the tasks on my list was to finish the trim in the kitchen; I got it all put in, save one strip across the dishwasher. That needed a bit of... well, fine tuning. I was carefully chipping away at a shim with my hammer and chisel... when I missed. Well, not completely; the hammer glanced off the top of the chisel, hit the side, and threw it out of my grasp and into, well, my grasp.

Cue the blood.

I've been cut before - who hasn't? - but I must say, I've never seen blood actually spurt before. That was a new and interesting experience. I managed to wrap my bleeding pinky with a paper towel (not the best choice, but my next two options were my shirt and a sponge, neither of which were exactly sanitary), and made my way to the bathroom for a bandage. Wound bound, I returned and finished my work, then drowned my pain in leftover pizza and ice cream. I don't know about you, but that actually worked pretty well for me.

Most wounds, once bandaged, will generally stop bleeding and heal fairly rapidly once bandaged. I, however, managed to bang my hand in a drawer, and spattered blood from the bandage. That should have been a clue. Blood, soaking through a bandage, usually means it is full of blood, and should be changed. See, this makes perfect sense now, but at the time, I just thought, oh, ouch, that hurt, I should watch tv, that will help.

Fast forward to about 15 minutes ago. I decide, hey, I should check my wound, time for a dressing change, eh? Now, for the most part, bandages are hard to pull off because they stick to hairs. My pinky, being fairly unencumbered with hair, had no such problem. No, the problem was that the scab that had formed was part of the bloody band-aid!

Once again... cue the blood. Not nearly as much, obviously, but this time it HURT. I guess the shock had originally dimmed the pain, but no such luck this time. As I pulled the bandage off, it felt as if someone were attempting to perform toe surgery via my left pinky finger. I actually saw spots before my eyes. It wasn't that it hurt a long time, but that it intensely hurt for avery brief time - so intense that it surprised my neural receptors into a short-lived panic.

It hurts only when I move it, now - just a twinge that says, "hey, moron, let's not go ripping off bloody great scabs or smashing fingers in drawers, hmm?"

And there's no one here/to kiss it and make it better, or make an innocent, silly comment about it. And that's just a little lonely.

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