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Facebook, Again

(Mon May 9 22:28:50 2011)

One small step for a website, one giant leap for Interblagnetwebkind

Yesterday (well, ok, early this morning), I finally got a semblance of Facebook login to work. It's not perfect by any means, but it'll at least let you, well, use Facebook to log in. They tout it as "replacing the need to keep track of users, security, and beyond!", but really, I need to keep track of MORE stuff, even if I didn't use the other side of the blag login. Ok, granted, it might be more secure, but the extra amount of stuff that I have to keep track of leave me wondering how many security holes I've left. Obviously, I could make the entire site "Facebook aware," and cut the amount of interface between Facebook and my server to a minimum... but that's going a bit far. I want to do my own thing here, not repackage someone else's stuff.

That being said, I've not completely gotten all the bugs out. As it is, if you've previously linked Facebook to your normal login, logging in with Facebook will automatically log you into your account, with nothing further needed. HOWEVER, if you've not done that, then it's going to log you in as a pseudo user - instead of "Arman", you'll see "Andrew Metzger", and instead of your user image you picked, you'll see your Facebook user image. I'm still working on some formatting issues - the Facebook image is 50x50, whereas the user image here is 100x75 pixels - but there are bigger issues. For instance, a Facebook-only user can't post anything. As far as posting blags, this is what I intended - but as far as posting comments, it is not. Oddly enough, while they can write posts, and users will be alerted to the fact that these posts have been made... they never show up. Fun fun fun.

Anyway, I'm well on my way to implementing it; the Facebook stuff is done, now I just need to move the innards of my own site around a tad to fit the new stuff in. Slowly but surely, I'm getting there... which is more than I can say for some of my projects. Heh.

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