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In the Prime of My Life

(Tue May 3 21:01:57 2011)

29 is prime, y'see

It's that time of your again - the birds are singing, the grass is growing, and I'm aging. That's right; by tomorrow morning, I will have completed exactly 29 revolutions of the sun. Give or take a few fractions due to the displacement of the universe, spin of the planet Earth, and general temporal anomalies, of course.

Usually, there is a long wait, and all the while, I get more and more excited about my upcoming birthday. Presents are fun, y'know? And the best cake is birthday cake. Even Christmas cake doesn't beat it for taste. So, as my birthday approaches, I get excited. Last year, I went to a movie with friends, and had a blast; this year... well, this year is a bit less social, at least thus far. But never fear; I'm planning on making the upcoming Godmode LAN Party an impromptu party. Pies are like cake, right? And pizza is called "pizza pie"? Works for me!

Anyway, I just thought I'd mention that, numerically speaking, I'm aging tomorrow. Just in case someone wants to buy me a ThinkGeek gift certificate, or a NewEgg gift certificate... or an Amazon gift certificate... or, well, cash! Everyone likes cash!

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