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A Long Morning

(Sat Apr 9 16:16:42 2011)

Cutting trees is hard (but rewarding!) work

The last time I gathered friends to chop down trees and clear brush, it was rainy and humid; in that respect, today was a lot better weather. Now, granted, it was a bit warm, the AC in the house broke the night before, and in the first 15 minutes of clearing, we managed to break an ax... but, with that out of the way, things went pretty smoothly. Well, the chainsaws would act up now and then, but for the most part, it went very well.

Now, as I look out my back door, I can actually see out of your yard; we made it almost to the corner of our yard, which is awesome. Seriously. When we first moved here, the trees and brush was 8-10 feet tall along out back fence; the trees shaded our yard so much that the only thing that would grow in half of it was weeds - and even they didn't fare so well. Now, my garden gets plenty of light, and the kids can watch the airplanes land on the airstrip behind our house (yes, we have an airstrip; yes, it's cool). A bit more work, and I might be able to get that dead area on the other side of the yard to breathe new life... but, that's going to be another day, because now? Now I'm tired. I'm really, really, really tired, actually. It's a good thing this is a soft-touch keyboard, because if I had to use any pressure to push these keys, you'd be getting a much shorter Blag.

Yard work isn't all that hard. Even cutting trees and hauling stumps isn't terribly difficult. The hard part is just getting out there and doing it - and that's not so hard when you've got friends to lend a hand! A super-duper big thanks to Aaron, Nick, and Bill for their help; I hope we can do it again sometime... in the Fall. Yeah. Too many days like that, and the best I could hope for would be that I fall over first :-P

Seriously though, it was worth it. I love making my yard look like a yard!

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