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The Godmode III

(Tue Mar 8 23:27:38 2011)

Heading into the third Godmode, I think I've gotten a lot more covered this time...

The very first Godmode was fairly successful, considering; the second Godmode was, well, if not a complete failure, at least a very, very decent attempt at one. This one promises to be different.

The first difference is what works - I currently have four computers and a server, all ready to go, and one more that just needs a bit of testing. There is one more, but it's slow, so will probably stay home. That, and lugging three CRTs around is very hard work... Anyway. Having the computers done early means being able to pack them up ahead of time, and thus have a relaxing lunch, instead of running around like a chicken with its head cut off!

But, even more importantly, I've got several new people that will be coming. Off the top of my head, I've got between 3 and 5 new people that are coming. Since the last time we had this, we had exactly 5 people - counting myself and Aaron, who ran the thing. It is never good when the hosts are the majority. We may get someone from LeTourneau, who knows. I'm aiming for an average number of 20 people, with 30 as a maximum; that would be a good sized party, without having to worry about the room (well, hallway) we're in to be too small. If we could get a few guys from LU, that would easily be possible.

The more people we have, the easier it is to move forward - buying games and computers is easier when there are people willing to spend money, and willing money-spenders are more likely the bigger a crowd.

I'm not trying to make this bigger than it should be - I don't want it to be huge, at least for a bit. I'd rather let it grow naturally - but January's Godmode was disappointing. This one should help cheer me up - and hopefully, get some new ideas for next time!

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