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Geocaching: A Hobby For The New Year

(Sun Jan 2 16:40:26 2011)

...As long as the kids don't mind

I've been interested in geocaching for quite a while - ever since I first held a GPS unit, waaaay back in 1997 (wow, was it really that long ago?) - but I've never gone searching. Recently (May 2010), I got a fancy smart phone with a built-in GPS; I also found a rather neat application that shows all sorts of phone data, mostly satellite information. The person that wrote that application also wrote another, called c:geo. Finally, after looking at nearby caches for a few weeks, I decided that I'd go after one. When I visited my Grandma in Gove, KS, I located the cache there, signed the log, and traded an item. Today, now in Houston, I found another cache while walking in the park. I just wish I had more of a chance to find these - most of the time when I'm available to go walking about, locating caches, I'm also in charge of the kids. As my GPS isn't the most precise in the world ("within 32 feet" isn't exactly close), it takes a bit of searching, and two little kids aren't exactly patient.

Even so - I'm planning on having fun with this. It's a good geek sport, gets me out of the house, and generally ends up being loads of fun. Who knows; as the kids get older, maybe they'll start to enjoy it more. One can only hope, eh?

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