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I LOVE Christmas!

(Fri Dec 17 17:45:03 2010)

And you should, too! Seriously! Start now!

I love Christmas. Even without the presents and the cold weather, I just love it.
Some people don't like Christmas. It is to these people that I write this... well, rant, most likely. But pretend it's a compassionate and insightful plea, if it makes you feel better.

If you are one of those people who suffered trauma or a great loss on or during Christmas, or if you've recently lost someone and Christmastime only highlights their absence, this rant is not for you. I am deeply, truly sorry that Christmas time is a strain on you, and I fervently hope that, one day, you'll be able to heal, to move beyond your hurt and finally be able to enjoy Christmas for what is is, rather than a reminder of pain.

For everyone else - suck it up.
I've heard many complaints about Christmas - "Oh, it's too commercial," "Ooo, I don't like the cold," "Poor me, I can't stand that much Christmas music," "Waa, waa, I just don't like it," and so on. I would like to point out how these complaints are both meaningless, and invalid.
First of all, and most prevalent, is the argument that Christmas is too commercial. If you'll pardon me, I shall engage in a bout of sarcasm: Oh, yes, of course! Christmas is WAAAY too commercial! Unlike, say, every OTHER holiday out there, from Easter and Thanksgiving to Flag Day and the Fourth of July, Christmas has things that SELL IN STORES! OH, the HUMANITY! How could we allow ourselves to celebrate a holiday that people make MONEY from? BAN IT! BAN IT ALL!

Ahem. In case my point was missed, I shall elaborate. Christmas is, indeed, commercialized. Stores everywhere want you to buy their holiday gifts, decorations, and themed napkins. But, in case you live under a rock - and a rock without Internet, at that - you may have noticed that stores everywhere also want you to buy their stuff the entire rest of the year, as well. Walmart spends just as much time flaunting its Summer items as its Christmas ones, and yet I don't see anyone shunning sunbathing because of them. If you don't like Christmas because it's "too commercial," you might want to stop going shopping quite as often. Seriously. Nobody needs to go to the mall three times a week.

Now, some people just don't like the cold. I can understand that; I abhor the heat. Humidity is my enemy - it saps my very will to live. Even so, I still like to watch the fireworks on the fourth of July, or visit the county fair in August. As a drastic measure, you could move to Australia - there, temperatures frequently reach into the 100s of degrees Fahrenheit during Christmas, and barbecues are commonly associated with the season. Not liking the weather is no reason to dislike the holiday. Buy a coat, drink some hot chocolate, and hope someone buys you long underwear for Christmas.

As for Christmas music - I have no sympathy for you if you don't like Christmas music. Christmas hymns are some of the most beautiful pieces of music written. One of my top three favorite songs EVER is "Carol Of The Bells" - clearly Christmas music. I believe the dislike for certain seasonal songs stems from the fact that the only time people listen to music that isn't coming from a small, expensive, white box is when they are at a store. I worked at both K-Mart and Wal-Mart, and can honestly say that any music piped over a store's PA system is carefully picked to be both catchy and incredibly annoying, regardless of season. Christmas music just stands out because you recognize the tune they are butchering.

In this case, I do agree with you - store music is awful. However, store music is ALWAYS awful. Radio stations that constantly play terrible holiday music are, usually, prone to play terrible music all year 'round. To solve this problem, I once again must urge you to stop shopping so frequently. Once a week is good enough for anyone. If you need to go more often than that, you probably have a child or spouse to send instead. And feel free to turn off the radio - no one is forcing you to listen.

Finally, for those of you that just "don't like Christmas," I would like to give you some kind advice. Suck it up, get a life, and quit complaining. No, seriously. I hear lives are on sale now at Wal-Mart. Get one.
These people seem to fall into one of these categories:
1) I don't want to deal with my family.
If you are in this category, I offer this advice: don't deal with them. Visit a friend or friends, stay at home and be miserable, or travel to distant lands. If your family makes you miserable, you might want to step back and find out why, exactly. Remember: if everyone in a group but you are enjoying themselves, then you are the problem, not them. Unless they're beating you with a stick, obviously, but unless your family celebrates Christmas a lot differently than mine, chances that this will be happening is quite low.
2) I can't stand all the hypocrites/false well-wishers/etc.
If you find yourself falling into this common category, then there is hope for you - the trick is being sincere. Unlike the resident cynic (remember: if there is no resident cynic in your group of friends, it's you) believes, saying things like "pah!" or "hypocrites!" does not make you sound intelligent. Instead, it makes you sound like either a crazy person or a hermit. Or a crazy hermit. Everyone is hypocritical; it's part of human nature. In fact, by calling others hypocritical without including yourself in that group, you are actively proclaiming yourself as a proud hypocrite. No, the way to heap burning coals on the heads of the hypocritical is by actually not being hypocritical, while at the same time acting like no one else is, either (note: acting like no one else is a hypocrite and actually believing that are two different things; one is called "being nice", and the other is called "being naive").
3) People who don't actually know what Christmas is about.
If you are not a Christian, then this holiday is nothing more than one based on greed. If you are an atheist, then every holiday makes little sense to you, too, seeing as how they are all "Holy Days", and you don't actually believe anything Holy exists.
For everyone else: Read Luke 2. Now. I'll be here when you come back.
Read it? No? Sigh... ah, well. My point is that Christmas is, fundamentally, a celebration of the birth of Jesus, the One who later died on a cross, taking all our sins to the grave, then rose again. Sure, Jesus was probably born in June - but who cares? It's a special day set aside. Celebrate it! Don't let yourself get bogged down in all the silliness that the anti-Christmas crowd like to spout. Even you are the only person in the whole wide world that is celebrating the birth of Jesus - at least you're celebrating it! This is a GOOD thing!

Finally, some people like to wait until a certain day to begin celebrating Christmas - the day after Thanksgiving, the first of December, the 13th of December (12 days before Christmas), whatever. All I have to say is - whatever works for you, go for it. There is no set rule of when Christmas is supposed to start. However! Please don't vent all over everyone else for not observing your self-imposed rule! Personally, I like to start the Saturday after Thanksgiving - by then, I've gotten my turkey fix, I've slept in, and I'm ready to start setting up decor. Others may see it differently, but it's really just preference - and if you get upset at someone for preference, you've got some serious problems. Unlike me, obviously. This blag has nothing to do with preference.

In closing - Christmas is there to be celebrated. Yes, it's commercialized, just like everything else. Yes, there are grumpy people out there that just don't like having fun. Don't let them get to you! Stand with me against the oppressive anti-Christmas haters! Act like a kid on Christmas morning, because you've got the best gift ever, standing at the door of your heart and knocking!

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