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(Wed Dec 1 22:49:35 2010)

Finally, my efforts have paid off!

After several tweaks, I finally managed to get multiseat to work! It's not perfect - for example, I've not gotten the dual-head graphics card to drive two complete desktops - but I have managed to get two video cards to work independently. In fact, if they were the same brand (both nVidia, preferably), I think it would actually be perfect; as it is, acceleration doesn't work on the older video card, because the GLX driver is nVidia-specific. If both cards were the same brand, that wouldn't be a problem.

The next step is to see if I can get them to autostart as two different users (gamer1 and gamer2, to be precise); then I can move on to a very important step - getting both sound cards to work.

Now, if I had a lot of money, I could test out my theory... See, good LCD monitors have USB hubs on them, usually with three USB ports (two on the side, one in the back). First, I would fill a computer with PCI video cards, each with its own LCD monitor. Each monitor would have a USB keyboard, mouse, and sound card plugged into it. The monitors would be plugged in sequentially - monitor one would be plugged into USB port one and video card one, etc. After that, I'd need to set up a script that would match each hub up to the right seat; that way, once you have the monitors set up, you could plug any mouse, keyboard, and sound card into the monitor, and it would always work with that specific monitor, with no further set up!

Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of money. I'd need... what, $10 for the sound card, $20 for the mouse and keyboard, and another $200 for the monitors? Call it an even $250 per seat, and I'd need at least three. Sigh... if I had $750, I'd build two nice computers and call it a day.

Working with materials I have, I could build a decent two-seat gaming rig for about $400; not too bad, I guess. Especially now that I know it would work!

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