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LAN Party!

(Tue Nov 9 14:53:13 2010)

Friday (the 12th) is the test-launch of GodMode, my church's LAN party group.

I was head of a house church for a couple years, and I've helped in the nursery for ages and ages, but this is the first group that I've actually started. I hope it goes well; there will always be softball teams and coffee-and-a-chat groups, but I've never seen a group for geeks. Thus this group - spawned from a discussion after an insta-LAN-party at LeTourneau, a friend and I went to work getting it ready. This first meet will be pretty low-key; we didn't have much time to get the word out. We probably won't meet again this year, either. But, given more time and planning, this might turn into something big - here's hoping, right?

I've done quite a bit of prep already - getting music, finding free games, finding prices for other games we might like to play, getting snacks - but there is still plenty of things to do. Over lunch, I gathered a bunch of my old hardware together, quickly cobbling together a super-basic computer. I might be able to build two more, if I'm lucky (and can find enough power supplies). Hard drives are in short supply, but I should be able to squeeze together enough 4-10 GB drives to fit XUbuntu and a few games on. If I can, I'll set them up to get their shares from a network drive; that will easily save hardware. Well, mostly easily.

That's the second piece - I want to have a bunch of computers for people to use, games and hardware to give away, and generally allow people to have a good time; as it is, I just don't have the funds for it. I have enough motherboards and processors for six computers, enough RAM for four, enough power supplies for three, and enough hard drives for one and half. $200 would be enough to easily set up all six computers with RAM, power, and hard drives, but I just don't have the money to donate. Thus, I would like to spend the time after this looking for funding - $200 for computers, another $200 for games (at $15 per game of StarCraft and $10 for Kohan or Red Faction)... but, at the same time, I can rent the extra computers, sell the games, and eventually make the money back - all the more to spend on prizes, right?

So, yeah. I'm busy, but I'll be ready, at least for this first one. And I really, really hope that when we throw another party in January (or so), it will be a huge success; but more importantly, I hope this one will go over well, for the sake of the cause!

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