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The server is dead; long live the server!

(Tue Nov 9 14:18:15 2010)

New hardware, old software

Well, it looks like my server has gotten a bit of an upgrade - not on purpose, and definitely out of my normal band of upgrades, but it's at least running.
Usually, my upgrade cycle goes like this:
When I buy new hardware, it goes into my computer.
My old hardware goes into the mediacenter.
The old mediacenter hardware goes into Lindsay's computer.
Finally, Lindsay's old hardware goes into the server.

Unfortunately, this hasn't happened for, oh, about two years. Instead, the mediacenter got completely new hardware (a Zotac nano-IPX board with everything on board), and Lindsay got some hardware from an acquisition, and some brand new hardware as well. The server also got hardware from my acquisition. When I upgraded my computer, the old hardware went straight into a computer for Xan (which was summarily abused, up to and including destroying the power supply).

That leads me to today. As far as I can tell, the processor on my server overheated (or something). Whatever it was, it forced the computer to shut down. However, the motherboard has an auto-startup. When it shut down, it started right back up again. Cue a fast reboot cycle, lasting until something else overloaded and shut the whole thing down, hard. I was able to bring it back a few times, but after only a few hours, it would go into its tailspin reboot process. The last time it went down, it took the power supply with it. At this point, I was able to save the hard drive and the case. Pity, it was a really cool motherboard...

Anyway, that means that Xan's computer has now become the server; I need a new hard drive for it, because the reboot process probably damaged it. This, of course, is a problem. The mediacenter is fine; it doesn't need new hardware for a while yet. My computer is fine, too. Roc (the server) needs a new hard drive, and Lindsay's computer is badly in need of an upgrade; Xan's computer, of course, has gone back to "non-existent" again. Sigh...

A quick look places the damage for upgrades and replacements at around $120, plus a little bit more for a hard drive - between $35 and $70. Not going to be placing *that* order today... but, it's a lot better than it could have been. Plus, that's a nice tiny board - 6.7" square, with an ultra-low-power dual-core processor. Only a gig of RAM, but that can be upgraded; besides, for $18, it's well worth it. Don't need a lot of RAM in a simple file server.

Eventually, this will all work out. But in the meantime, I'm wishing I could have at least some of this hardware hosted somewhere. That, however, makes a $200 NewEgg purchase look like discarded pocket change. Maybe, someday... but until then, I'm going to be supporting my own hardware. Fun, that.

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