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New tag selector!

(Mon Oct 25 23:06:14 2010)

I've added a tag selector to the Make-a-Blag page - try it out!

It might not be perfectly polished, but it's a whole lot better than nothing, I can tell you that. I've made a few other random improvements, too, like name capitalization (you can change that in settings). I hope to have a few more minor improvements done soon.

As for the tags... I need an auto-tagger. Something that can read the blag and add tags to it, then offer them up for your consideration. "Suggested blag tags" or somesuch. That would make things a lot more awesome.

Meanwhile, I don't even have this for the image side of things, though that shouldn't be too hard now that I've gotten the hard part done - getting it to work once. It's basically the same system, anyway... I don't think I'll even have to change any variable names... hmm. Should probably add this to the main script file, huh. :-)

Oh, and thinking of smilies - I should add that in, too.

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