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(Mon Sep 20 00:38:27 2010)

I've never been one to choose many titles for myself.

Sure, I'll say that I'm a homeschooler, a Christian, a Geek, even a family man. But I always make make sure that the titles I choose are not only things that I am right now, but things that I'll be tomorrow, the next day, the next year. I'm not a gamer; sure, I love playing computer games, but that's not really where I would push my efforts if I could. Spare time, sure, but sometimes, I'm doing stuff that most people would consider to be "fun", but I don't consider it to be part of my "spare time". I'm not a blogger, by any stretch of the imagination, even though I'm sitting here and writing this right now. I'm not really even a handy-man, even though I like fixing all sorts of stuff. I wouldn't even call myself a cheapskate, because I will gladly spend money on things that I believe are worth it - Mt. Dew instead of Mt. Lightning, for one. Or nVidia over ATI.

Some titles, I don't choose because I don't think I'm worthy of them - my wife likes how I look, but I'd not call myself handsome.
Other titles, I would rather not be associated with; most names for conservatives, these days.
Still other titles I would like to call my own, but I'm unfamiliar enough with them that I'm not completely sure they mean what I think I mean.

Which leads to the actual reason for this post - Steampunk. If you look up the definition of Steampunk, it usually ends up being something describing a setting - technologies of the future, being used in the past. Steampunk is set in the Edwardian/Victorian era, and heavily features technology that was not possible back then.

And that's where the description ends. Oh, sure, there are movies and books, online webcomics and forums, but nothing that really describes Steampunk. Now, what I've seen of other people's visions of Steampunk, I've loved; thus far, I've really only seen Steampunk as seen through the eyes of a creator. This person takes their ideas about Steampunk and builds a costume, a computer mod, an entire house - something that captures that idea. That's really what draws me to Steampunk; I've seen so many things that are "artist's imterpritation" of it, but so few that are designed to fully encompass Steampunk. There are Steampunk movies, or at least movies that people think of when they think Steampunk - from the (admittedly poor) Wild Wild West to the (much better) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Oh, there will be wildly frothing arguments for and against both - but I guess that's my point. Right now, and probably for a while, Steampunk is not really going to be nailed down. That's probably why I like it; enough untrod ground to romp about a bit, and yet if all you like to do is make stuff, you can just take an old toy and make it "steampunk" (like here).

Steampunk is a title I'd like to use, but thus far, I'm not completely sure I can call myself a Steampunk; then again, once my next Fall Fest costume is complete, I'll probably be able to call myself just that.

Meanwhile, I really need to document my work... it's not as impressive if you don't take pictures along the way, or so I've been told.

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