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Vista = Hell

(Wed Aug 25 23:23:46 2010)


I've always thought that you don't really know an OS until you've tried to install one, along with all the tools that go with it. I even have a list that I keep fairly current for important programs that I'll want installed on a new computer. Many progarms are the same between Windows and Linux, like Opera, mplayer, OpenOffice, PuTTy, and so on. Some are different between the two - Krita for Linux and Paint.NET for Windows - and some have no counterpart, like AVG antivirus in Windows, or webmin for Linux. Of course, there are always drivers, and the programs that go with them; everything that you'll need to use your computer goes on the list - even games.

Back in the day, Windows 98 would ask you some bizarre questions, but it would install fairly easily. Then there was that horrible "finding drivers" part - it would churn and whir, and tell you it had no idea what hardware you had at all. After restarting a million times, eventually you got to installing all those programs - one. at. a. time. Tedious did not begin to describe it. Eventually, though, everything was installed, and away you went.
Windows XP made some of that easier; there were still a hundred questions to answer before you could install XP, but at least it didn't need to be babysat while it was installing. The drivers needed just as many reboots, and the programs took just as long to install - or longer, because at that point, I realized I wanted things like WinAmp for music, and so on.

After Windows XP, I installed Debian, then Ubuntu on a variety of computers; it might have been pretty boring back in the day, but recently, installing is barely more than a button click and enter your username and password - easy breezy! I think I've been spoiled, though; there are rarely any drivers to install, and I don't have to reboot but once at the end... oh, sure, there are a few drivers that need updating, like graphics or wifi, but that's as easy as added a few lines to a text file (copy and pasted), and hitting "update". Selecting programs isn't any harder, either; I just search for each program, select the ones I want, and once I have them all, I hit "install." No registration codes, and no swapping disks, either!

And then... then there is today. I'm working on a laptop; something in the software got borked, and so I helpfully reinstalled it. No worries, right? Wrong. This is Vista - oh, sure, the install itself wasn't too bad, but then there were the drivers... ugh! I figured that with a nice name-brand laptop (Dell), all the components would happily be updated. Boy, was I wrong - to install drivers, I had to click each one, one at a time. Ethernet, sound, modem, even disk drivers, all needed updated. It was horrible. Two hours later, I finally managed to get past the last reboot. I needed a break, so I let it download the 100 updates it found. An hour (and two reboots) later, it was ready again. This was - is - the worst part. I've installed three or four programs, now, and those are just the ones with CDs; Opera, AVG, and other such non-standard programs will each need to be downloaded and installed. And of course, since Windows Vista has no idea what each one of these are, it has to ask at least three times if I really want to install these programs - and thus far, half the time it doesn't anyway, because of the firewall or other such stupidity. Even Microsoft Works needed to have the firewall turned off before it would work.

For classifying the installs of different OSes, I would have to say that Windows 98 and XP were tedious at best; Windows 7, which I installed once, was surprisingly simple (thought that may be because it hard hardly any hardware to deal with). Ubuntu, especially recently, is a walk in the park; I enjoy installing it, because all I really have to do is push "go", and everything I want is installed.

And then there's Vista. This OS is, frankly, hell. I don't care what commercials Microsoft has put out. This goes well beyond "horrible" and right into "Outlawed by the Geneva convention." It's that bad. Please - don't ever install Vista. Install Ubuntu, or XP, or 7, or Windows 3.1, I don't care. Just don't, DON'T install Vista.

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