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Finishing touches are... boring.

(Fri Aug 13 08:12:14 2010)

In the past couple weeks, I really haven't touched anything on the site...

And apart from a few fairly minor tweaks, I haven't really done anything since before my birthday. It's honestly a bit annoying, but I just haven't had the time. Or, for that matter, the inspiration. I don't just program - I come up with the ideas, too, and lately I've been a bit low on those. Oh, I know the general idea of where I'm going - make the menus look better, make it possible to log in with FaceBook, that sort of thing, but I don't have the whole plan mapped. I need to lay out the website and redo the CSS completely, rather than dink around with these little changes. I need to write down exactly what needs to happen before I add a FaceBook login to the page, rather than test a few things and hope I'm going in the right direction.

I'm on the edge. I have a lot of really cool stuff just in front of me, but I need to invest some time and effort - that I don't really have - before I can see it through. My weeks have been too busy, and my weekends too overwhelming, to justify putting time into this. I need to do this, though - it might not be super-amazing, but it's still a project.

Which really is what the issue is. I get bored with the hum-drum string-tying. Sure, I'm great with ideas and general brilliance, but I've got no follow-though. No, strike that. I've got follow through. I just don't like it. Wrapping up loose ends is boring. Finding all those last little things, testing everything twice, and putting the insignificant final touches on everything is mind-numbingly routine. Problem is, though, that's what makes or breaks a project. Bug testing is boring, but it needs to be done. Those last little bits - be it touching up paint or finishing some edging, be it cleaning CSS or testing a website in 20 browsers - is what actually finishes a project. Otherwise, the project stays at "almost done" for ages, and that's just not cool. At all.

So somebody, please - tell me to get to work on this!

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