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A few little changes

(Sat Aug 7 23:16:07 2010)

Web developement is tedious...

Ah well, such is life. I changed a few bits here and there in the CSS, making it at least a little better; for one, when writing a blag, the button at the bottom look marginally better. For two, lists are almost right; they still don't work completely right, but at least it's close. If you want to write a list, do this:


It all has to be on one line, otherwise my code automatically adds <br /> tags between each line (ugh). It might also need to unwrap the <p> tags, too, by putting </p> at the beginning (to close the first p tag), and <p> at the end (to open the new one). Yeah, it's annoying. Yeah, I'll fix it. Probably. Eventually.

Come to think of it, I should probably do two things: one, write a list of blag tags that don't force you to use HTML or CSS or anything else that could possibly break pages (intentionally or not), and two, write different editors - a "basic" editor and an "advanced" editor, at least. Though a gmail-inspired multi-color/multi-font editor would really be cool. Hmm... more to think about... and to add to the list. Sigh.

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