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(Mon Jul 12 01:09:39 2010)

Yes, I joined Facebook. No, I won't be on much.

For those of you (who undoubtedly don't read my blag, but nonetheless) who noticed that I joined Facebook - yes, that is indeed I. However, it is only because Facebook (hereafter known as FB because I'm a lazy typer at this time of night) requires an account before you can program applications (which, it seems, this is going to become - in part). How annoying...

Meanwhile, after looking through the FB API, I found that it's a lot more advanced than last I saw, and thus I'm going to try to tie FB into the Blag!?!. I don't know if it'll attract any more attention than usual (read: zilch, nada, nothing), but it will allow me to further widen my programming skills. That, and I'll be able to make the Blag!?! a lot easier for a lot of people with stuff similar to, including, and yet not limited to:
-Logging in via FB (and/or creating an account through said FB)
-Automatically posting an FB status/wall post/etc. when you write a blag
-Letting friends see said blag post, without requiring them to sign up before "liking" and/or commenting on said blag
-Automatically stealing... er... downloading account details
-Automatically uploading pictures, notes, etc. to FB
-And Many More!

Basically, this will let me share my blags with friends and family, and possibly others, without having to create a million accounts that no one uses (I'm looking at you, ...well pretty much everyone with an account).

So, yeah. I finally got Facebook. Don't expect me to do anything productive with it.

Edit: And now the developer page is down. How annoying is THAT!?!

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