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One Menu, Coming Up

(Sat Jul 10 02:44:12 2010)

Menus are HARD

Seriously. I worked probably 4 hours tonight on the from page's menu; the menu itself isn't too bad, but writing the program that sets up what piece goes under what other piece is, frankly, a horror. The javascript and the CSS work perfectly, though; now I just need to figure out how I want the static menus set up. It shouldn't be too hard - probably just enter some static links like I had been. Bit of a pain, though... I really, really need to write a page generator, so I can make new pages without having to write SQL code and poke around in existing stuff. Bleh all over again...

Anyway, I'm bushed. It's 2AM, my fingers refuse to type straight, and my eyes feel like someone poured sand in them (no, really - they hurt!). I'm going to bed! (next up - fixing the CSS on the Blag!?! side)

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